WordPress kills Restrainingorderabuse.com

Capture2This is an update to this recent post, whereas Jennifer Terpstra filed numerous DMCA take-down notices.. By all appearances it looks like WordPress has taken the site down for alleged violations of their Terms of Service. Presumably  for too many “copyright-strikes”. This situation would have been very easy to avoid, had the owner of the site simply filed counter-notices for each take-down request, yes it’s a time suck, but all in all each counter notice would have taken about 10 minutes each to file. now all of the content has been lost at least temporarily and his readers are left hanging.. Suffice it to say this will most likely be my last post regarding this subject, I find it hard to stand behind a blogger that refuses to “do whatever it takes” to protect his rights.

It was explained several times how to easily file a counter-claim, hell he was even supplied a “template” to just fill in the blanks, but apparently that wasn’t good enough or was too easy and the author kept wanting to further complicate matters by involving his attorney (one is not needed for this)in the process.

I don’t particularly care about the case itself, I was simply doing a good deed and giving ROA.com some SEO juice and a little exposure…..Time to move on, there are plenty of other asshats and douche-bags to write about..

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