What does Fraud, Forgery & Perjury all have in common?….Mitul R. Patel DDS

First things first, before I get a nasty gram from Mitul R. Patels “dental attorney”, let me make clear I am not accusing Mitul R. Patel of fraud, forgery, or perjury, as Patel claims through his attorney he had no knowledge of the fraudulent filings with a Baltimore Maryland court. I have no idea if he had knowledge or not, but it has been stated that Mitul Patel hired a “reputation management company, so in my view and opinion he is at the very least guilty by association….

And so with that I’m happy to report that Matthew Chan, the consumer involved with the negative review, as well as the bogus court filings has submitted an affidavit and motion to vacate the court order that nearly resulted in the removal of the reviews on several sites, Yelp being one of them.

As of today there has been no response from “sleezeball” Mitul R. Patel or his attorney – (“sleezeball” is again my opinion), but i’m sure there will be more to this story going forward.

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