Well known Attorney and Copyright troll Carolyn Wright retires

While this can’t be 100% confirmed, it appears that well known attorney Carolyn Wright may be or is retired. Carolyn Wright is very well known in the photographic world as a leading attorney in copyright case, hence she is known in those circles as “photo attorney”, but she’s also pretty well known in the copyright troll world, as she has been known to demand outrageous amounts for  supposed infringements and she also works besides some of the largest copyright trolls in the world ( Master File, Corbis, etc.)

Thanks to Leslie Burns, Esq. over at  burnstheattorney.com for this little nugget.

Leslie Burns of “Burns The Attorney”

Carolyn Wright (photoattorney.com) hired me right after graduation and I have worked with her, doing primarily copyright law, until she dissolved her firm (she’s retired).

Follow up post to come as more info becomes available.

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  1. Carolyn Wright may do legitimate work some of the time but her alliance with Masterfile and Corbis marks her as unforgivable. She is a troll and should be rightly called out as such.

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