University of Arizona Physiology Research Specialist Jen Terpstra abuses DMCA process

Jennifer Terpstra, aka Jennifr Oas-Terpsta
Jennifer Terpstra, aka Jennifr Oas-Terpsta

Yes, it would appear that copyright-trolls is expanding it’s horizons somewhat. When items mysteriously appear in my inbox, seemingly dangling carrots in front of my nose, and when those carrots also deal with DMCA, copyright and overall douche-baggery, naturally I’m tempted to generate some sort of seo juice.

I won’t get into the specifics of this case here on this blog as it has been well documented over on and

I am going to stick to the abuses of DMCA that have been perpetuated by Jennifer Terpstra, aka JenTerpstra, Jen Oas-Terpstra as there are several glaring flaws, including possible perjury.

Clearly the use of these images falls under the “fair use doctrine” and I’m fairly certain a judge would see it that way as well. The images in question were NOT used for commercial purposes, they are being used for “educational purposes”, “commentary” and “criticism”

In one of the take-down notices Jen Terpstra states the following:


The original photograph, to which I own the exclusive copyrights, cannot be found online (aside from the infringing content). It was a photograph I took for fun at home many, many years ago – I have no idea how Mr. Greene obtained it (or the prior one I reported, or the next one I am reporting!). I have since removed all photos from the internet due to an ongoing harassment issue…”

Jennifer Oas-Terpstra prim and proper physiology researcher.

The troubling part here is she states ”cannot be found online”, “have no idea how Mr. Greene obtained it”, and “I have since removed all photo’s..”

Clearly the images were online, clearly she removed them prior to the takedown notice, and obviously she knows exactly how and where Mr. Greene obtained them! So in my views she’s not being completely honest in her take-down request….Hence Perjury..remember, she digitally signed and submitted this…

“I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate”

In another of the takedown requests, she references the image in which she looks like a drunken transvestite she states:

“…I took the photo. I own the copyright. We are young and being silly, with blue wigs and 80’s blue prom dresses. On her deck at her home. There is no reason to use this photo in Mr. Greene’s blog. There is no ‘fair use’ purpose…”

And once again Jennifer Terpstra shows her ignorance of copyright law and the fair use doctrine, one would think that a “researcher” would at least do some basic homework, before making an ass of herself, but I digress.

– I simply want my photo’s removed from his website at this juncture. I do not wish to impact his ability to maintain his site nor his right to free speech.

In other words she’s not complaining of the posts or the email exchange between, or the fact that she strung him along only to testify against him, I’m curious as to why she doesn’t want her image shown, along with her name, other than the fact that some of the images may be somewhat “unflatttering” for someone of her “position”?

Screen shots  showing all of the images in question were online and public prior to the takedown notices.

Words of Wisdom: Govern Yourself Accordingly,
Don’t be a douche-bag or an asshat.

Here are the actual take-down notices, this post will be updated upon submission of counter notices:


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