Trapped Under The Troll Bridge

Looks like Getty Images has filed suit against Virtual Clinics, a company that develops websites for Veterinary Clinics. This case is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. I’ll do my best to not pass judgement on the defendants, but by all outward appearances it looks to me of a case of willful infringement. Be sure to click on the link at the end of this article to read the court documents, they are very telling..

Some quick observations..

  • In doing research regarding complaints to the Washington State Attorney General, we came across a  rather scathing complaint submitted by none-other than virtual Clinics which can be read here:
  • Virtual Clinics is also the owner operator of the website ( which is currently offline) I can’t help but wonder where the images on that site came from, the main header image appeared to be from a superbowl commercial…now I’m not saying that the images were swiped from somewhere, but I have an un-easy feeling about them.
  • In the lawsuit that was filed one must take note that is was filed by yet another outside lawfirm and not McCormack Legal…this must have hurt Timothy B. McCormacks’ feelings, once again he gets to send letters, but never gets to file a case… I know Timmy is rather sensitive so I’ll just leave that there..
  • To futher my suspicions of this case it is my understanding that the “defendant” didn’t even bother to remove the 20 or so images in question….this in my opinion is just plain stupid, and only serves to aggravate the matter..
  • I’ll also leave the fact about the defendants prior criminal history alone…no need to shed any more light on that little nugget…apparently we’re not dealing with the most honest of people here..
  • Furthermore in regards to the defendants honesty and integrity, the complaint also questions the “credentials” that defendants use or have used..which appear to be totally bogus..
  • Add to that the fact that the letters sent from Virtual Clinics so called “council” also appear to be bogus, just adds more suspicion that the folks behind Virtual Clinics are dirtbags..but again I digress
From left to right, Dr. Ronald Camp, President, Virtual Clinics Veterinary Management Consultants Prof. Kendra Ryan, Director of Education for the N.V.E.A. Dr. Nicole Gueniat, DVM and husband Martin

While the accused may be aging they are far from “elderly” as was  stated on their own website…..These folks make Getty Images look like angels complete with halos IMHO.

Suffice it to say, I don’t have much sympathy for those willingly swipe others’ content or images for their own use, and even though I don’t have al of the facts here I can help but smell a rat..

Read the official complaint!


  1. Hi

    I knew these people. I live in the house where they resided before they fled to avoid six counts of credit card fraud. I can provide more information if anyone wishes. We are still dealing with their wretched family, now, with the owner of this property under Kendra Ryan-Camp’s Aunt and Uncle, Oral Wright and Bonnie Faye Wright who appear to have a clean record, but their behavior and this wretched family’s behavior and attitude is indicative that no one can be trusted. I don’t understand what compels people to believe they must defraud and steal and lie and cheat (even legally) in order to be successful. This entire family is plagued with vain insecurities and the need for a false sense of power, prestige and wealth.

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