“The Dash” Linda Ellis targets local school, get spanked by students!

Word has it that Georgia “Poet / Author” & “Inspirational Speaker” has targeted a Local Cobb Count Georgia High school.. Yup right near her hometown and the very same school district her kids attended.. This is not the first time, and probably won’t be the last time she targets a school for using her cheesy poem “The Dash” in a class assignment, but this time it’s different as they refuse to pay her one red cent! Unlike the last school that quickly caved and paid her. The following is courtesy of April Browns’ “The True Story Behind The Dash” Facebook page:
( https://www.facebook.com/getpoeticjustice/ )
dash_1The True Story Behind The Dash This is an interesting story that I hope Robert Sloopy Krausankas and Matthew Chan will write about. I plan on it when I have time. I got a call from a teacher alerting me that Ellis was harassing the Cobb County School District . Linda Ellis had the nerve To send Lassiter High School a copyright infringement letter because a teacher assigned The Dash as a lesson on life. Linda Ellis lives in Cobb County. Her kids attended school there. Seriously. The teacher told me they intend to refuse to pay. The school asked for my book – I sent them a case. The students were assigned my book and wrote an article for the school newspaper. The Lassiter High School Coach wrote a poem as well and published it in the paper. Linda Ellis has to be about the biggest dope out there. This is proof 100% that she earns all her money from extortion. No way a person who wants to sell books and products would sabotage their reputation in their home town. The school as a whole, the teachers and parents are now all aware of the scam and have taken a stand. Score one for the Anti-copyright troll movement. Email them with your comments and opinions lhspress@gmail.com. I’m sure your additional comments will help keep the story warm.

It Gets Better ! Coach Fraker  of Lassiter High School wrote his own poem which appeared in the schools paper “The Lassiter Laureate”:

ellis_2In one great poem is a lesson in life
Showing how to live without any strife
It was religious almost, it was almost a call
I wrote the Dash to Inspire you all
I wrote about life, I wrote about love
I wrote about being inspired from above
We must help our brothers, pick them up when they fall
I wrote the Dash to inspire you all
But then one day a big threat appeared
In the guise of a teacher who had to be feared
Want to inspire as school started each fall
I wrote the Dash to inspire you all
Don’t you dare use my poems without citing my blog
Its not about inspiration, it’s the fame I must hog
Use the Dash without citation, you surely will fall
I wrote the Dash to inspire you all
Yes I wrote the Dash to Inspire you all!


Coach Fraker wrote a second poem he calls “The Linda Ellis Edition”

Her Name is Linda and she wrote the Dash
But do’t you copy it or your life she will trash
The poem tells about the meaning of life
And how to live better and cause not strife
We should care for our fellows of mankind
Unless of course her one poem comes to mind
If you want to use THAT to inspire some in your class
I’m afraid dear teachers on that you must pass
For those words are hers and she’ll guard that dear rhyme
Looking back at her “dash” is she proud of THAT time?

as printed in The Laureate
A Student Publication of Lassiter High School lhspress@gmail.com
Poems by Coach Fraker December 2015

Feel free to comment here, on Aprils FB page or comment directly to The Lassiter Laureate or twitter:

It is important to note that Kelsey Freshour, Editor In-chief of “The Laureate” contacted Ellis for an interview. Not surprised that Ellis did not respond during the 6 week period the students conducted the investigation.

Good on you kids for not taking her bullshit!



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