“The Dash” has hit the fan.

For a second time it appears that “The Dash” poem is going viral, well maybe not the poem itself, but the author of said poem may very well be reeling from the Streisand Effect today. After winning a court appearance, the author touted her “win” to the Marietta Daily Journal in a completely one-sided story penned by *Bridgette Bonner who didn’t even have the wherewithal to contact anyone from the opposing side. *Bridgette Bonner instead opted to take Ellis’s quotes only as fact…so much for fact checking and fair and balanced reporting. The comment section was quickly removed after a war of words broke out between Ellis supporters and ELI supporters including April Brown who has clearly been the most vocal adversary of Linda Ellis. To top it off, someone stupidly posted The Dash poem in its entirety. Coupled with this story was an article on PDNonline which was a bit more balanced with regard to quotes from both sides. The article also gained some attention, but in retrospect pales in comparison to which was to come in the very near future.

Oscar Michelen, Legal Advisor and Spokesperson made a statement which quickly grabbed the attention of EFF.org (Electronic Frontier Foundation), ArsTechnica, and Techdirt.com among others. Within a few hours, interviews had been set up with ARS and EFF and by evening the stories were published.

NOTE: In all fairness it is worth mentioning that the anti-copyright troll site fightcopyrighttrolls.com had also reported on this issue. This may have indeed helped bring attention to the story as they were just recently featured in a Techdirt story, and also have the EFF behind them in a separate legal battle.

Meanwhile the interwebs continue to work their magic as both the ArsTechnica and Techdirt articles have nearly 100 comments from their communities. Reddit currently has 7 separate discussions going on the matter. One thread has over 350 comments, tweets and re-tweets which continue to flutter. There are also mentions on Facebook, including Linda Ellis herself stating:

“Linda Ellis – AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET I thought when I watched my father die, I had met evil in the form of cancer. But today, I met it all over again…in the form of the ignorant who reside in Cyberspace.”

( Have no fear, this comment will likely disappear from that Facebook page but it has safely been saved in the archives.)

I guess we can all thank the opposing attorney Elizabeth McBride as well as the Judge Frank J. Jordan in this case for creating this evolving monster. It was after all the judges choice to allow McBride to draft the sweeping and overly broad PPO, which he then stamped with his approval. According to another statement Ellis makes via Facebook, this is not a free speech issue:

“Some are trying to turn my story (below) of stalking, threats, intimidation and harassment into a Free Speech debate. Do you believe that free speech grants us the right to threaten the safety of people and their families if we disagree with them? I don’t, and the judge didn’t. “

By the sheer amount of comments coming forth, the vast majority certainly disagree here…time will tell.


On a completely different note, I find it interesting that opposing attorney Elizabeth McBride is married to a judge who just happens to work in the same exact courthouse that Judge Frank Jordan holds court. I’m not saying anything fishy happened or anything like that, just that I find it interesting. You’re certainly free to form your own opinions in the matter.

Notable Quotes:

*“I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men”… a quote taken from Bonner’s  Facebook page.


  1. Funny thing about the internet – when it hits a certain critical mass of people watching, the truth tends to win out.

    The truth will set everyone free – if you allow yourself to face it Linda

  2. Linda Ellis’s thought her clever abuse of the facts would allow her to continue to reign supreme over the rest of us little people. The list of her bullying and abuse is long. She is fearless, not fearful and continues to lie in an effort to preserve her lost reputation. She posts on her website an ever changing essay that is again, filled with lies. One of the easiest to refute is her claim I’m an administrator for ELI. “April Brown, Lead Advocate, Contributor and Administrator for Matthew Chan’s group, “ELI” is an Auctioneer in Seattle…” That sentence should read, “April Brown is a charity auctioneer, human rights advocate and an ELI forum member.” Seems like a little lie, but Ellis has a million of these little lies that for Matthew Chan became big enough and convincing enough to abolish his freedom of speech for life!!

    I happen to think her lies are carefully thought out and her hope is that people won’t bother to verify. Well, that is just not how it works in the real world long term. I celebrate today by stealing the “V” for Victory from her Live Your Dash brand leaving it modified to represent the truth. While she “lies her dash” her victims are verifying and documenting and providing truthful dialogue.

  3. Copyright trolls such as Linda Ellis and Timothy McCormack are making the greatest PR blunders ever.
    I cannot for the life of me imagine that they intend to continue their copyright extortion business models, and fully expect that people won’t be able to speak about it publicly.
    Quashing free speech absolutely enrages people. They will not stand for it.

    People like these two are wrong, and they are being held to account for it.


  4. I agree with Lucia, if you separate out the ELI supporters and Linda’s “Frans” ,which are easily identified by their writing styles she is on the loosing side of public opinion.

    Is it me or does the number of “Frans” posting and quantity of their ports seem to be diminishing? Could it be that some of the “Frans” have actually looked at the evidence we show though screen captures, actual demand letters, victims stories and email rants from Linda and decided she is not the victim she claims?

  5. Check out Linda Ellis explaining her copyright extortion scheme in her own words:

    “Live Your Dash and Extort the Cash”!!


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