“The Dash” author Linda Ellis targets South Africa

Copyright Troll Linda Ellis as seen in better days.


Once again “Poet”, “Author” & “inspirational Speaker” Linda Ellis show us just how much of a fucktard she is. She sent the below letter to someone in South Africa. I’m sure this letter came across as one very similar to the Nigeria scam letters, like they really give a fuck about US Copyright Law, and even if they do it’s highly doubtful Linda Ellis will travel to South Africa with a lawsuit in hand. Go home, Linda you’re drunk!.

Really, would anyone take this piece of crap seriously? Lets look at some of the issues, besides the fact it’s sent to another fucking continent.




  • The letter is unsigned ( which furthers our suspicions that Jerk off John Jolin is no longer involved with Linda’s Lyrics as “operational manager”)
  • a screen shot proves NOTHING, and is easily beaten back in a court of law..Maybe Linda Ellis will take a screen shot of this post and harass me for copyright infringement…good luck with that..ass hat.
  • providing a broken link to a search engine result also proves absolutely nothing, Christ, she can’t even copy / paste a complete URL??
  • and once again she goes off on this whole Aaronson case where she claims to have “won” this big judgement..okay so she did get the judgement, however in this case the stupid fucking was printed in a book, not in a blog, and there was a breach of contract, how anyone can compare the 2 is beyond me. I suppose I have to mention once again, that it;s likely she collected ZERO dollars from this, given the fact that the defendant was likely sitting in a jail cell somewhere for some other dumb shit he tried to pull..so yeah she won, but she’s still a fucking loser

Linda Ellis – Author Speaker Poet Dash Extortion Letter by Jack Carlson

“Linda Ellis makes her living as an author and inspirational speaker”

….my ass she makes her living from extracting money from naive and legally ignorant people who fall for her bullshit and selling cheesy plaques complete with typos…

Hypocrisy 101


  1. The absolute height of hypocrisy. A person has to wonder how this woman lives with herself. With every letter she sends more hostile targets are created. Nothing can ever repair the damage she has done to herself and others. Very sad sad situation she’s created.

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