“‘The Dash” author Linda Ellis file bogus DMCA takedown notice

Once again “Dash” author/public speaker  and owner of Linda’s Lyrics & Dogwood Inspirations Linda Ellis has filed another completely bogus take-down notice, this one was sent to dreamhost the web hosting provider for the site rankedexploits.com who discusses Linda’s Lyrics copyright enforcement methods.

The real kicker here is that rankedexploits.com was simply linking to the image, and it is not nor was ever hosted on dreamhosts servers..I can only imagine a counter-notice is in the works, and that this content will be restored in short order..As we all know “linking” to an image is not considered infringement as determined by the Ninth Circourt Court

Some of you may have seen the image in question, which is clearly a “parody”

Linda_Ellis_Copyright Troll
“The Dash” Author Linda Ellis


The bogus DMCA takedown request can be read via the following link on chillingeffects.org


There is sure to be more discussion concerning this development, in the coming days..


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