“The Dash” author Linda Ellis doesn’t like us talking about her.

As is well documented Linda Ellis author of “The Dash” poem and copyright troll, really dislikes the fact that we talk about her and post information that is easily found and published in the public record.. For example these threads over at the ELI forums, apparently have sent her over the edge..So much so that she complained to EAPPS, Matthews previous web host provider.





Since this complaint surfaced we have since moved the entire ELI site to new servers, this was a decision that was made by Matthew himself, as EAPPS was requesting that information in the public domain be removed. Clearly EAPPS does not support the first amendment or free speech, nor do they care about loosing a long time customer. To make a long story short, which has already been reported on, have no fear, and rest assured that ELI is now safe and sound in it’s new home. ELI will not be squelched, and as an extra added bonus LInda Ellis author of “The Dash” inspirational poem also gets a little exposure here as well..

Ron Tranmer©

I’m missing you so very much
and think of you each day
You touched my life while on this earth
In such a special way.

I visited your gravesite,
and with saddened heart, I cried;
then I noticed on your marker
dates of birth and death inscribed.

The thought came quickly to me,
these dates leave much unseen.
Far more meaningful to me
is the little dash between.

The years within that little dash
live on in memory,
and represent your precious life
and all it meant to me.

As I recalled the times we had
a smile came to my face.
It’s years of living, not your death,
I’ll remember and embrace.

You marker helped me realize
our life here is our dash
and we should use it wisely..
It could end in but a flash.

If in life we show compassion
and love for all mankind,
our time here will be cherished
by those we leave behind.

And our marker will bring memories
and smiles instead of tears,
as they contemplate that little dash
that lies between our years.


Look for an upcoming series on FREE speech and hosting providers, coming to a copyright troll near you.

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