Suwanee Dentist Mitul R. Patel Responds to bogus court complaint

Loganville, Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman

So apparently Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel is a bit upset about getting some internet exposure regarding the bogus court order that has his signature, and was subsequently emailed to yelp from HIS email address.. He has since “lawyered up” with Loganville, Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman, who has already sent a demand letter to Paul Levy of Public Citizen.

In this letter the attorney claims that Mitul R. Patel had no knowledge of this court order, and that someone or “some business” must have done it, and that they are looking into the matter…

Naturally I have a few issues with this “demand letter”

“….please be advised that then contents of your blog are grossly inaccurate, factually incorrect, and were obviously written for no other purpose but to gain publicity for your blog, and to willfully damage the name and reputation of Dr. Patel”

Um, NO. While the content may or may not be inaccurate at this time , at the time of posting everything was accurate as far as everyone could see..Same goes for “Factually incorrect”…factually speaking, the complaint lists bogus addresses for both parties, and also Mitul R. Patel’s signature ( whether it’s forged or not it’s there)

The blog post, nor my posts were made in an effort to “gain publicity” or to “willfully damage the name and reputation” of Mitul R. Patel, the posts were made to expose an under-handed scheme via the courts to squelch ones First Amendment rights, plain and simple.. It’s not our fault if his reputation or name was damaged… Hell by looking the many one star reviews posted in various places online, his reputation was pretty much in the shitter to begin with…In my humble opinion.

“Therefore, I am requesting that you immediately retract your blog regarding this matter, that you publish this response on your blog, and that you immediately issue a formal apology to Dr Patel on your blog.”

Two outta Three ain’t bad!…the response was certainly posted, but no apology has been issued and the original posts stand….much like my posts will fact here is the link to Paul’s Reply and as he states at the end…

Stay Tuned, there is certainly more to come…

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