Suwanee Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel shows his true colors….NOT

So it’s been a couple of weeks since this story was introduced to the Streisand Effect and much has happened, and there still has not been a resolution. We’ve heard from Mitul R. Patels “dentist attorney” demanding that Paul Levy remove his initial posting, denying his client knew anything about the whole yelp removal and the bogus court documents that contain at least one forgery.

What we haven’t heard from either Mitul R Patel or his so called attorney Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman, is an apology to Matthew Chan for any of this, whether he was aware of it or not. One would think it would be the honorable thing to do, but nope not a peep from either of them……

Stay tuned as there will be much more coming in the days/weeks to follow.

  • Jennifer D.
  • Cumming, GA

I had the worst professional healthcare experience of my life last week when I visited Dr. Patel. I expressed concern about getting back to work to the dental hygienist because I was told over the phone it would be an hour appointment and it was running over. This was my first visit and would have planned accordingly had I known. When Dr. Patel came in to talk to me he insulted me in every way possible, was condescending, told me all my teeth were going to fall out. He asked if I was more concerned about work than my teeth, when I got visibly agitated by this comment he asked if I had a special medical condition where I couldn’t sit still. I’ve worked for the same company for 16 years and lived in the Johns Creek area for 12 and have never encountered this level of disrespect professionally. Before even getting a routine cleaning I had come for, I walked out in tears. I’ve been going to dentist regularly for 30 years an this was by far the Worst experience ever!


  1. So like…I finally decided to replace my 30 year old veneers.
    Started the procedure last month and waiting on temps.
    Must you and Matthew ruin it for me???? (kidding)

    From someone who has had a lot of dental work, I can relate
    to “assholes” in the dental field! Guy who put on my original
    veneers…AWESOME! The “cosmetic” dentist guy who wanted to
    replace them….not so awesome! I chose a FEMALE dentist this time.
    We shall see…lol

    I gotta say however that this guy Patel takes the cake on “asshole”
    given what I have read thus far! (opinion)

    Interesting story for sure!
    Sorry that Matthew has to deal with this um…”mystery”
    regarding the court documents!

    • Peevey,

      Glad to see you here. Always something unexpected popping up, eh? Who could have ever imagined this scenario? Have you read the articles written by Paul Levy of Public Citizen and Eugene Volokh on Washington Post?

      • Matthew…you troublemaker! (again kidding) : )

        I saw your ELI post stating that you intended to post more
        about this story on so I decided to comment here first.

        Yes…I read the other articles and it is all pretty unbelievable.
        Glad to see the Washington Post story by Eugene Volokh as well! : )

        Firstly, the “miss” spelling of your name (“Matthew” with only ONE “t”).
        Secondly, the “office building address” for the “Mathew” with one “t”.
        Thirdly, the JUDGE giving judgment for actual removal stating “false” and “defamatory” post.

        “Bait and switch” is quite different from when a dentist after reviewing the hygienist’s work,
        tries to convince you to purchase an electric toothbrush (recommended of course and not sold in office)
        along with a $14 tube of “fluoride” toothpaste. Must be pretty special toothpaste for $14 bucks don’t you think?
        Umm…”no” as I checked out and the receptionist asked me if I would like my $14 toothpaste.

        Some people have a hard time with the word “no” and feel that they should do what the dentist says to do.
        Again…umm…NO…NOT ALWAYS…kind of like when Getty tells you to PAY THEM!

        People need to be aware that the dentists make the “real money” on expensive procedures such as fillings,
        crowns, root canals, cosmetic, etc… and NOT on “cleanings”. This is what consumer reports is all about and it’s just appalling when businesses take extreme measures to have reports and reviews removed from public view therefore squelching FREE SPEECH!

        Will definitely keep an eye on this case as it progresses!

        • I really didn’t want to discuss “dentistry scams” but it is now inevitable only because Dentist Patel has forced the issue to the surface. I can’t talk about or criticize Patel without making mention of other dental scams being pushed on the public.

          AS you know, a lot of how dentists work is about the fear factor and feeds on people’s vanity (having good looking teeth) and the fear of losing their teeth (that would be me).

          So, someone tried to sell you $14 toothpaste. Well, I was the poor sap who bought a $38 “special mouthwash” many years ago. The hygienist was friendly, worked me, and I fell for it. I found out years later that some hygienists are often pressured to sell because no one generally thinks the hygienist is incentivized but many are.

          I found out years later that the mouthwash I bought does require a prescription but it could be bought at Walmart pharmacy. Essentially, get the prescription if the dentist thinks is that important and have it filled elsewhere.

          I guess we can thank Dentist Patel for forcing these dental sales tactic discussions out into the open.

          • Ya…who would have thought there would be “dentistry scam” discussions
            on ELI or “copyright-trolls”. I’m glad that others such as Lucia are following.

            Not to bore anyone with any particulars because I have plenty of stories but
            I will elaborate a little on what Matthew said regarding “feeding on people’s vanity
            (having good looking teeth)”. This is unfortunately true. Because I am a woman with
            veneers, I tend to get “pitched” to more often and I can see the actual “dollar signs”
            flashing in their eyeballs. lol.

            A perfect example is the sales pitch I got for the electric toothbrush and expensive toothpaste.
            It was irritating to me to have to listen to that pitch when I had been WAITING for the
            dentist after my cleaning and instead of getting the ok to LEAVE, I had to listen to the
            pitch…well without being rude and walking out anyway. I was so irritated that I actually
            asked my other half if he gets the same pitch after his cleanings (same office) to which
            he replied, “NO..NOTHING!” They don’t even TRY with him! argh!

            Well Matthew…I hope that the discussion continues with regard to Patel no matter the website,
            blogsite, or comment section. There is a huge difference between having little “irritations” with
            dentists verses “baiting and switching”, a BOGUS COURT FILING to have a review removed
            and treating patients with rude and condescending remarks to the point that one patient left
            in TEARS!

    • My pleasure Robert…I believe it’s worthy of discussion.
      It’s too bad other ELI members/followers aren’t joining in as well.

      • I heard from Lucia who has been following this story. I think she found out from reading Eugene Volokh’s articles on Washington Post.

        So far, I have been participating on OTHER PEOPLE’s comment sections. I exercised some restraint only because there was quite a bit we didn’t know and trying to figure out. However, things have calmed down a bit for the moment. That means I can go ahead and get the ball rolling on a couple of items that I had in mind.

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