“So Young, So Sexy” Troll Attorney Mike Meier…So stupid

Porn Troll Mike Meier

Georgetown University Alumni Mike Meier, may have graduated, but that equate to having any brains!

Seems Fairfax Attorney Mike Meier from the firm of Lee & Meier PLLC, decided to issue not one, not 2, but totally bogus and bullshit DMCA takedown notices to 3 different sites, I’m anxiously awaiting mine at this point, and feel kinda left out. Thing is he sent the request to the domain registrars, whom have absolutely nothing to do with hosting files, content. Nothing like something to laugh at on a Monday morning!

You might recognize the name Mike Meier as the Lawyer turned copytroll, who received the title of “weretroll” a while back. I guess it just dawned on him 2 years after the fact that he will be forever tied to the porn industry and such titles as Illegal Ass, and “So Young, So Sexy”  among others.. Way to make Georgetown University proud Mike!


You can view and get your daily chuckle at the below links..

Extortion Letter Info:



Fight Copyright Trolls:





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  1. It would appear the Striesand Effect is in full swing, pay attention “Attorney” Mike Meier ( I use the word attorney very loosely here) as there is a valuable leson to be learned here, but I’ll digress and let you figure that out. So between a boatload of tweets, retweets and discussion it now seems both techdirt.com and torrentfreak.com have picked up this new story, which was really an old story.. Gots to love the interwebs!



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