See for yourself how much of a fake and fraud Poet Linda Ellis is.

ellis_7-20-16It’s been well documented and opined that “The Dash” author, poet Linda Ellis is not only a copyright -troll of the largest magnitude – comparable to porn trolls, it’s also been said that she’s a fake and will do and try just about anything to sell her cheap trinkets, picture frames and cheesy “inspirational” crap.. Whats even funnier is how many people fall for this crap. Today’s facebook profile picture update shows us just how fake she can be.. Complete with a question of the day by one her clueless “fans”

You see I had the awesome opportunity of being in her presence during the Georgia Supreme Court appeal hearing regarding Matthew Chan of ELI fame. Yes it was awesome watching those Judges snicker and grin while asking questions of her crack “legal team” and the answers they were throwing out. Something Timothy B. McCormack and Elizabeth McBride are sure to include in their resumes. NOT!

The top image is the new profile image from Facebooks Linda Ellis – Author – The Dash complete with the this question from a loyal,dedicated and uneducated fan Debbie Dinneen Gorgeous..whats your secret!!!

Debbie Dinneen Gorgeous..whats your secret!!

I have the answer! Use a heavily photo-shopped image from years ago.. Surprise!

You can clearly see in the bottom image taken the day after loosing by unanimous decision in the Georgia Supreme Court that she looks very very different… Now I’m not harping on her age or her looks, hell we’re all getting older by the day and our looks certainly change with those years, but fuck, at least most of us can accept it, Not Author and “Inspirational” Speaker Linda Ellis, she continues to want everybody to think she is this really good looking superstar, when in fact ( in my opinion) she’s just an old fuck ( much like myself) that come across as a fake and attempts to prey on easy targets and extract their hard earned monies.

Hell if you’re going to use a photo-shopped image, why not at least use one that has good searching engine rankings…. and is a bit more accurate?

This one come to mind!!! LOL

Linda_Ellis_Copyright Troll
“The Dash” Author Linda Ellis


  1. Like you, I was surprised when I saw her in person at the Georgia Supreme Court hearing. “This is the person who has been harassing me for 3 years!” was my first thought provoking the image of the “Wizard” Dorothy discovered behind the curtain. Unlike the Wizard, Ellis’s fraud has come to a very unhappy ending for her. There is no entourage of close friends supporting her like the Wizard and it is Ellis who needs a heart for the suffering, a brain to earn a real living and the courage to stop extorting money and apologize for the horrific harm she causes to to others. Although I have no idea how she can make restitution to all those souls who have passed on and the families who shared The Dash and paid this very nasty poet troll off.

    Unfortunately accepting one’s appearance and aging comes with maturity and the ability to look inward and love the being she claims God created and inspires. She’s financially suffering now at her own hands. She’s gone from taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from fans and followers who share that stupid Dash poem to begging for money to pay off her attorney. My guess is her plans for a facelift at 54 is no longer a financial possibility.

    BTW, you should send her a bottle of the green foundation. I agree with you. Decidedly more flattering that au natural.

  2. Personally speaking, I don’t really give a crap about her looks
    or what she chooses to use as her photo of choice…photo-shopped or not.
    I don’t care whether or not her image is old, new, fake, modified, nor
    do I care about the “hot factor”…..whatever.

    In opinion, I happen to agree however that Ellis will not stop trying
    to scam people into paying her for “alleged” infringements despite all
    efforts to warn people of this type of trolling. The hope that she will
    one day actually “stop” is like hoping that a psychopath will “stop”
    being a psychopath…it just isn’t going to happen (opinion).

    Still, it seems that the “Beware Don’t Share” campaign and copyright reporting
    are actually making a difference in “income” for Ellis. Kuddos to all for those efforts.

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