Seattle Copyright Attorney Tim McCormack Turns Drug Dealer!

Whilst drafting my last post regarding Seattle Lawyer Scott Wilsdon from the firm of Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC and his prestigious award, I couldn’t help but be reminded of our other well known copyright troll Timothy B McCormack, since they both work for Getty Images and are both assholes of the largest magnitude IMHO.. Turns out we haven’t heard much of Timothy B. McCormack as of late, at least not since we all laughed at his expense for that stellar appearance in the Georgia Supreme Court, where Copyright Troll and Georgia Poet Linda Ellis basically got her ass handed to her in regards to a bogus “stalking  protective order” ….Here’s a refresher of Timmy “at work” in case you missed it.

Any whoozle, let me get back on topic, Timmy’s silence prompted some Google searching and it turns out he also likes to be referred to as “Tim McCormack” and it also turns out that while possibly making good money trolling for Getty Images, he’s probably going to make substantially more money dealing drugs! Yes  I SAID DEALING DRUGS!

It would appear Tim McCormack and “his partner”/ boyfriend Brian Slegel who incidentally also works for Getty Images are the proud owners of the first and only legal Marijuana farm in the state of Washington! It seems as if everything is on the up and up with this new venture even though in one of the articles listed below, he plainly states that he basically smuggled drugs across state lines in the dark of night, I doubt The Federal Government would want to hear about this, but I digress, personally I could care less, I’m just happy that he may be leaving the trolling business. As there is no shortage of trolling lawyers to publicly humiliate and poke fun at…Looks like Scott Wilsdon may just be that next Getty Images Scum Bag Attorney..


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  1. Becoming a pot dealer is more honorable and respected than copyright trolling. The man has a messed up legal mind as evidenced by those videos of the Georgia Supreme Court hearing of Chan V. Ellis. His ego blinded him to the point that he BELIEVED he could fool 7 Justices. More proof he is legally impotent and needs to stay out of the courtroom.

  2. Well not sure if McCormack’s new business is necessarily keeping him from copyright trolling.
    According to public articles, this “pot farm” business was started last fall.
    As of MAY 2015 an ELI user posted that they received a “McCormack non-negotiable final offer”.

    There may be other more current McCormack demand letters that are not being discussed publicly.
    I guess we shall soon see whether or not he chooses to actually leave the trolling business.

  3. Robert, I have to say that while I appreciate the “what goes around,comes around” fairness of your linking the name Timothy McCormack and the name Tim McCormack with ‘drug dealing’, I have to go on record as saying that I think it unfairly smears drug dealers everywhere. Few drug dealers would stoop as low Tim McCormack has in his career.

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