Seattle Attorney Scott Wilsdon Wins Coveted Award!


Scott Wilsdon, Getty Images Troll
Scott Wilsdon, Getty Images Troll

Another classic example of lawyers with their heads up their asses.. Seattle Attorney Scott Wilsdon from the firm Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC, who now trolls for Getty Images shows us just how bright he is and is therefore honored with an award..yeah it’s the dick-head award, but an award none-the-less. Kudo’s to the Washington State Attorney Generals Office for giving us this little nugget ( gotta love public records!)

Back Story:

Unnamed web development company creates a mock-up site for pest control company to use as a sales pitch, this pest control company did not solicit the web design firm, they apparently did this mock-up on their own and then intended to pitch the concept to the pest control company.. Just so happens there were questionable images used as well as the logo and images of trucks from the pest control company. The pest control company did not /does not own or control the domain in question.

Picscout ( owned by Getty Images) finds offending images and sees this pest control company’s name, and sends them their little extortion demand letter…..okay so you get the some point our buddy Scott Wilsdon of Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC threatens to sue the pest control company, while already knowing the facts behind this situation..hence a complaint is filed with the Washington Attorney General. If it were me I would also file a complaint with the Washington Bar Association, this isn’t rocket science, some simple research would show that the alleged infringement was not at the hand of the pest control company.

Perhaps the most amusing part of this complaint is where Scott Wilsdon states the following:

“In closing, I remind you that this is a confidential and legally protected communication. You are not authorized to disclose publicly the contents of this letter without permission from Getty Images. The offer to settle will be withdrawn should you make an unauthorized disclosure. A copy of Federal Rule of Evidence 408, which governs offers to compromise and negotiations relating thereto, is enclosed for your reference.” 

Well now it’s a public record, so he can stick his FRE 408 directly up his ass!


The complete complaint is below


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  1. I’ve recieved several compliments for this nice big shiny dick head award, one can only hope that Seattle attorney turned drug dealer Timothy B. McCormack doesn’t get upset, cause I bet he’s really like to have one of those awards as well… and yes I said “Seattle Attorney turned Drug Dealer”….more on that on my next post!

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