Did you get a letter from Randy Taylor & The Copyright Defense League?


Randy Taylor ~ Copyright Defense League
Randy Taylor ~ Copyright Defense League

 Randy Taylor is co-founder and co-creator of services that include C-Registry.us, StockPhotoFinder.com, StockMedia.net, Veripixel, Extreme Niche Marketing, Keyword Compiler and SPFFY.com, a portal searching 4+ billion images

Randy G. Taylor is also affiliated with Copyright Defense League a company that sends out copyright infringement demand letters. Like all of the other trolls, he claims in his letters that the recipients are guilty of copyright infringement and threatens litigation is a settlement payment is not made to Copyright Defense League. Last I checked it would be upon him to PROVE these allegations, how anyone would be so dumb as to think that letter recipients would just cut him a check, is baffling to me. As it turns out not everybody is willing to just roll over, which is how we became aware of this latest copyright trolling operation. If you’re reading this post and have received a letter, take a deep breathe, relax and head on over to extortionletterinfo.com to learn your options, as there are many.. Contrary to what Randy Taylor and his cohort Dan B. Levine will try to make you believe, a screen shot of your page showing the image DOES NOT prove anything, nor does the fact that they may supply you with a registration number from the copyright office..Sure the image may be registered, this does not mean Copyright Defense League has the right to claim or collect anything…Hence due diligence on your part is the best option you have right out of the gate.

Copyright Defense League & Randy G. Taylor

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