Public Records concerning Getty Images

A while back I took it upon myself ( with maybe a little nudge from the ELI cult Leader) to contact the Washington State Attorney General in regards to obtaining and complaints in the public record concerning Getty Images.After nearly 2 months of them rounding up records, they finally have a file package for me. This packets contains over 1200 pages..Now this is probably not 1200 complaints, as generally speaking each complaint will be at least 2 pages. I’m itching to get digging thru these files so we can share some of the letter complaints.

I’d like to publicly thank Susan Greene Assistant Public Records Officer at the Washington State AG’s office for her due diligence and patience in rounding up all of these records. I’m sure it was a very boring and un-rewarding job for her…

I’d like to keep this video in the forefront of our minds, Jonathan Klein manages to stick not one but BOTH feet in his mouth several times.

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