Like anybody is really going to read this anyway….I’ll save my time and cut to the chase…Your emails won’t be shared, sold, rented, leased, given away…unless you’re a troll in which case it may be posted publicly. and while I’m on the topic of trolls..

Anything written, posted and or expressed on this site are opinions only, we’re entitled to those under the 1st amendment. So if you plan on bitching about defamation and libel, take it somewhere else, you’ll just add fuel to the fire.

In regards to images seen on this site, they are all copyrighted and someone somewhere owns them, images that were not created by me or a contributor, may be owned by other sources, maybe even by a copytroll such as getty images. Please be aware that these images are linked from outside sources and do not reside on our servers, if you’re going to send a nasty-gram, save the postage you have no case..go read Perfect10 v. Google..

Other images may contain portions of copyrighted images, these folks are “PARODIES” which are protected by fair use…in other words…take a hike!