Prestigious Pets of Dallas file suit……again!

These assholes at Prestigious Pets in Dallas are at it again:

Michelle Duchouquette and her husband Robert were sued earlier this year for $6700.00 after writing a one-star review about Prestigious Pets in Dallas. The review said she didn’t like the extra $5 fee to walk her dogs and that the fish bowl water appeared cloudy with possibly too much food. This suit initially filed by David McWhorter was apparently dropped, after a shitload of negative publicity came their way.

David and Kalle McWhorter of Prestigious Pets must be attention whores 

As they have now filed a second lawsuit seeking seeking damages of $200,000 to $1 million!, Yes you read that correctly $1 Million!.

The new suit alleges the review violated the non-disparagement clause in the contract and that the negative attention has left the business a “shell of its former success”.  You can view the docket entry here.

Just a thought here to share with David and Kalle McWhorter: Maybe if you weren’t the selfish greedy assholes¹ that you seem to be,  your business wouldn’t be in the shitter…and you wouldn’t have to attempt to hide your facebook profiles from the general public, I guess you don’t want negative feedback coming in.. Well since I’m in a happy Friday kinda mood I’ll do my good deed and share them for those that are interested.

Kalle McWhorter aka “Cali AmorDavid McWhorter aka “Mac Dave”

Hell even yelp want to warns it’s users of douche-bags like yourselves¹: That must not be good for business, besides the Streisand effect and online butt-hurt you’re sure to feel.

Consumer Alert: Legal Threats to Reviewers

Yelp exists to empower and protect consumers, which is why you should know this business has issued legal threats and/or taken legal action against reviewers for exercising their free speech. If your review accurately describes your firsthand experience, you have a First Amendment right to express your opinion on Yelp.


I can’t help but wonder if Attorney Bill S. Richmond will add this case to his ” Representative Clents and Cases”?


Mr. Richmond’s practice is focused on representing entrepreneurs and companies in litigation and at trial regarding business contracts, corporate fraud, real estate agreements, employment controversies, and defense of tortious property loss. Prior to founding PCR, Mr. Richmond practiced first at the national defense firm of Sedgwick LLP and subsequently at the business litigation boutique Gruber Hurst Elrod Johansen Hail Shank LLP.

Mr. Richmond has expertise in both state and federal courts across the country regarding pleadings, motion practice, discovery, e-discovery, pre-trial and trial and he has represented both small and Fortune 500 companies in high-stakes litigation. Mr. Richmond has in-depth experience with alternative billing arrangements, including contingency, hybrid, flat fee, and other tailored fee models.





¹ selfish greedy assholes & douche-bags are merely my opinion and is protected free speech.

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