Poetry Troll Linda Ellis launches new site

“Please enjoy The Dash poem written by Linda Ellis.  This poem has been enjoyed by millions around the world.  The words have changed many lives.  They could change yours, too…”

Oh yes, your life can certainly be changed by this crappy poem, those that dare to share are bound to get a nasty-gram from Linda’s Lyrics demanding an obscene amount of cash for sharing her garbage..

Presumably in an effort to save face and resurrect her tarnished reputaion, it appears that we now have a new site in addition to lindaellis.net, dogwoodinspirations.com, and https://www.lindaellis.typepad.com/, the new site can be found here: https://www.linda-ellis.com ( sorry no link backs, you’ll need to copy and paste if you’re that curious to visit.

Little writings of wisdom
can be wise, yet still ho- hum,
when you know they’re coming
from one who’s rather dumb.

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