Poet Linda Ellis makes first comment after Supreme Court Appeal hearing

Suffice it to say there will be much talk and commentary in the coming weeks, regarding the last court hearing that took place at The Supreme Court of Georgia on October 7th regarding Chan v. Ellis I will be doing a series of posts and breaking down sections of the hearing and offering up my commentary, some will enjoy it I’m sure, others maybe not so much. But that is not the purpose of this post, good things come to those that wait! In the meantime it appear The DASH Poem author Linda Ellis has made her first public comment after the hearing via her facebook page, please note I am ASSUMING this comment is in reference to the hearing:


Ironically one of the “evil ones” is shown directly above to the left.. I will have much more to say on this topic in the coming days..have no fear EVIL is here!



  1. Approx. 15 years ago I found this poem “The Dash” in our senior centers newspaper as author unknown so I used a copy of it in my book as a eulogy for my aunt who died of breast cancer in a chapter in my book of memoirs. I am not a Famous author & only wrote my memoirs for my family so not many have even read my book which is strange that Ms. Ellis would have even found this out. 15 years later I received a letter from Ms. Ellis threatening me that if I don’t pay her $7,500 she will sue me. What kind of a person writes something such as this & then turns around & goes after anyone who uses or utter’s the words from this poem? I was also informed by Ms. Ellis male secretary that back then I could have found out who wrote this poem even though it stated “Author Unknown” & my response was that they didn’t even have “Google” etc. 15 years ago! I recently watched the last movie that Robin Williams made before he took his own life “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” in which at the end of this movie he referred to “The Dash”. Hopefully, Ms. Ellis didn’t threaten Robin Williams for this prior to his taking his own life.

      • I never paid this demand of $7,500 & I still have the E-mail that they sent demanding this money or face a law suit. I don’t have $7,500 to send them & explained my circumstances to Ms. Ellis regarding all of this but haven’t been sued as of yet but probably because she is very busy going after so many others. My book of memoirs has also been blocked with my publisher by Ms. Ellis as the result of using her poem.

  2. CJ Schultz,
    That’s the sort of thing that happened to many people. Much of the material taken down in the PPO consisted of lists of people who Linda had contacted to demand money from. We hope the judges in GA will reverse the ruling and PPO and you will see just how many people she hit up for money. It included schools, funeral homes, widows and so on. Her behavior is infuriating.

    • I totally agree as to what kind of a person writes a poem such as “The Dash” & then turn’s around shaking down each & every person who even uttered the words from this poem knowing that this will now end up being “The Dash” in Ms. Ellis Life. Shame on her!

  3. As someone who has helped many of Linda’s victims fight back, I can assure you no one is feeling sorry for Linda Ellis this week. This is a person who has spent the last 15 years terrorizing religious leaders, charities, schools and grieving families. I know of organizations that folded, people who have lost jobs,individuals who suffered heart ache upon heartache and near financial ruin because they’ve sent this woman a check when they didn’t have too. They believed the words of her extortion letters and harassing emails. The damage she has done is not something we can undo but we can expose and force this scheme out of the shadows. We are now moving to reclaim those monies stolen from these people through false pretenses and unlawful business practices. I am committed to seeing this through to the end. What does the end look like? I hope to see the day the poem is wiped clean from the internet. I hope to see the extortion scheme scrutinized by the courts. I hope to see Linda Ellis publicly face her victims. I hope to see the day this hearse chasing extortionist experiences just some of the heartache and suffering she’s spread with her deceptive practices, dishonesty and hypocrisy. I won’t be happy until The Dash is dead, Linda Ellis makes restitution and John W. Jolin is charged with practicing law without a license.

  4. Ms. Ellis along with Co-author John W. Jolin should probably write a new poem entitled “The Cash”! Which would include in part how they preyed on the hearts of people who had lost Loved one’s who thought that a Kind Hearted person must have written this poem “The Dash” to be used as a eulogy in grieving for the loss of a Loved one.

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