“Poet” Linda Ellis has an Obsession Issue

Marietta Georgia Poet and Author Linda Ellis, (lindaellis.com) seems to think that our friend April Brown has an obsession with her.. well this quote couldn’t be further from the truth:

“A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Seems Linda Ellis has no issue “obsessing” or following (read “stalking”) her adversaries, as the below screen shots easily show that Linda Ellis made 12 posts in a 15-minute span one of of ELI’s supporters social media accounts and website.

Facebook: 2 posts/comments
YouTube: 2 posts/comments
Google+: 2 posts/comments
Twitter: 1 post/comment
Wordpress: 5 posts/comments

Also worth pointing out is the fact that myself, nor any other ELI supporters ever post directly to any Linda Ellis accounts, we never contacted her, we simply post our views and opinions either here on this site, cabalaw.com, youtube, April Brown’s blog, etc. which Linda Ellis CHOOSES to visit, she clicks that mouse like a mad woman to see what we have to say, and now it appears she is going out of her way to not only visit, but to posting her crap on our sites/blogs and what-not…. So the question now becomes,”Who is the one obsessed?” “Who is “stalking whom here?”

Video Disclaimer: The above video is for entertainment purposes only, it’s not a “threat”, it’s not something I literally wish upon anyone, if you take it that way, well…I guess you can “fuck off and die”… ; )

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  1. As in the video “ELI Factor – Episode 9″……..”It’s good to “get it out of your system”

    It’s been amazing to read all of the drama taking place simply due to one announcement of a book release!

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