Poet / Author Linda Ellis Throwback Thursday!

Hard to believe is was 1 year ago yesterday , that a group of us traveled from far and wide to attend the oral arguments in the Atlanta Supreme Court… Sorry Linda, you’re still a fucking loser..

I’d like to personally thank everyone involved, especially Oscar Michelen,  and Eugene Volokh for presenting the argument.

I would also be remiss if i did not also thank Dash poem author Linda Ellis and Seattle Pot growing attorney Tim McCormack for their epic failure, as we all knew before we were on strong legal ground, and as we susupected this case has already been cited several times in other cases and articles…. Marietta Poet Linda Ellis is kinda like syphilis, the gift that keeps on giving!


There sure were some classic moments, which are rehashed below…

Timothy B. McCormack: How the Internet Works from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.


7 BILLION people are going to see this, as it is now “tattooed” on the internet!

Timothy B. McCormack Spells the F-Word for Georgia Supreme Court Justices from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.


Holy Fuck!! The world is coming to an end!! Run for cover!

Timothy B. McCormack: Internet Domination Strategist Who Creates Forums! from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.

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  1. You better be careful. Linda might come down and find some dumb lawyer to file a restraining order against you because you are being a little mean. Because she believes that is illegal to be mean on your own blog!

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