Poem Author Linda Ellis topic of ABA article

Liv’n my dash. stealn’ your cash

For it matters not, how much we own;
the cars … the house … the cash.
What matters is how we live and love
and how we spend our dash.

Is how the articles starts out, pretty amusing considering the hypocrisy , by which author Linda Ellis “steals your cash”…or is that how she “lives her dash”. Although a very short article link below) it once again sheds light on the trolling behavior.

Three quick snippets from the article:

Mineola, N.Y., attorney Oscar Michelen, who has counseled Dash demand recipients, says that $7,500 greatly exceeds a likely judgment for a minimal infringement. Unrepresented parties sometimes agree to excessive settlements because of high litigation costs, and “they are led to believe that their exposure is far greater than it really is,” he says.


not to mention the fact the you can actually purchase this piece of crap for a few bucks, she devalued her own work in so many ways, it’s not even funny!

“In a civilized society, we should not demonize our opposition with names like ‘troll,’ ” says Seattle attorney Timothy McCormack, who has been vilified for representing copyright plaintiffs. Ellis’ initial settlement demand does not seem unreasonable, he says, given statutory damages of up to $30,000 for most infringements.

Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack, should be grateful, I mean hell all things considered being called a “troll” has to be better than some other names available..douchebag comes to mind, but I digress.

For her part, Ellis accuses her critics of a smear campaign,…..

Well she’s ceratainly emtitled to that opinion, just the same I’m entitled to disagree, the intent of her “detractors” is in fact to educate the public of her money grabbing scheme, and to expose her for who she really is.. a one hit wonder who depends on that poem and those that mistakenly copy it to generate revenue..

I would be remiss if I did not share a few of the comments from casual readers of the ABA Journal website.

For the trash,
“The Troll,” is fit,
And like “The Dash,”
A piece of shit.

Perhaps the worst,
That I have seen,
An effort cursed,
And less than keen

If that’s the best,
That she can do,
Ellis, “poems,”
Should eschew.

Ellis’s suit for cash,
permanently stains her dash.
Her snarling mad grab for pennies inane,
finds her the spectacle ridicule and disdain.
It is pure irony that her greatest notoriety,
comes from dashing with no class or piety.
Maybe she will learn from this path in tatters,
that it is walking, not talking, that really matters.


and one of the most interesting comments comes from someone who actually had their insurance pay this “claim”

Our small firm was targeted as well with this ambulance chaser. We did pass the file to our insurance company who opted to settle at $3,500. Unfortunately for us we were billed the deductible amount for our policy and our premium has increased. I had hoped that the insurance company having to deal with multiple such unfounded claims would fight back and bring the matter into the open. The insurance company is more pragmatic and perhaps did the right thing. We had used the “Dash” into our newsletter with circulation limited to 1,900 existing clients whereby the link to the the poem was web based. Full credit were provided.

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