Newest Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley Smith

Tyra Hughley Smith “jouranlist turned attorney”!

Tyra graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia Missouri School of Journalism with a Bachelor’s Degree in Magazine Journalism, in addition to an Honors Certificate and a Bachelor’s in Black Studies. Tyra has worked for various newspapers, magazines and news-magazines as a journalist, and during her senior year of college, started her own online magazine focusing on the college experience.

Upon graduating from law school, Tyra became the General Counsel for a small service-based company in Illinois.  But Tyra’s passion always has been in the arena of media and entertainment.  Thus, Tyra started her own practice, catering to media and entertainment clients, focusing primarily on music law, contracts, business law and negotiation, and intellectual property, including both copyrights and trademarks.

Bar of Califormia –


This one is jumping right in with a demand letter of 6k for one image! more to come!

Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley
Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley Smith

Update Sept. 13, 2016….copyright troll Tyra Hughley Smith seems to like travelling, as well as writing, photography and practicing legalized extortion, as evidenced by her newly or not so newly launched blog..BarrisTourista

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  1. I got a demand letter from this attorney today for nearly $8000 over one Masterfile image. Masterfile started pursuing me about it in April of 2013 and had, I thought, dropped the issue after I asked for proof of copyright and other documents substantiating their claim. They briefly sent it to collections which went away when I asked for proof of any actual debt. Now it is with via this lawyer. Any suggestions? I was going to just repeat the letter I originally sent Masterfile.

  2. Me too! Just today got email from this lady. Over $8000 for 1 tiny photo on my blog, which I took down immediately after my first letter. It is truly extortion!

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