Mitul R. Patel, Georgia Dentist attempts to scrub yelp review

So besides the under-handed, scumbag and possible illegal tactics used by this douche-bag dentist in Georgia Mitul R. Patel, the question remains…Of all of these negative reviews, why was this one single review targeted for removal?? In my humble opinion it was not “defamation” at all, it’s more likely because in the review the Georgia Board of Dentistry was not only mentioned, it was revealed that Mitul R. Patel, DDS was fined and put on probation for 2 years..

The actual complaint & finding of the board was pretty well hidden, and not readily available to the public…until now that is!

Something tells me that the Georgia Board of Dentistry, will most likely not like this latest behavior of Mitul R. Patel, DDS, even more so if local or even federal law enforcement take action.. Yes I said federal law enforcement, reason being as we don’t yet know who or how these papers were filed in Maryland, if it turns out they were mailed from Georgia, there may be a case of mail fraud on the horizon….maybe, maybe not, I’m just speculating and largely thinking out loud.

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