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One must love the internet! My poor neglected blog, was pretty much just sitting not gettting any attention, from myself or visitors, Seattle law office McCormack Intellectual Property Law  seems to have changed that, not only have I been recharged to post more, but I’ve seen a distinct influx in traffic in part due to some great twitter followers who were kind enough to favorite / re-tweet my kudos to you guys/gals!


Timothy B. McCormack Tweets
McCormack Intellectual Property Law Tweets

This tweet was particularly meaningful to me, as popehat has well over 10k followers and is well known in the troll /free speech venue..

Copyright Cow

Pictures or it didn’t happen??

This first image shows the traffic coming at the time of the initial post, certainly nothing to write home about, you can see in the preceding 3 days of Jan. 26,27,28th there was a whopping 135 page views..Whereas in the second image for Jan. 29,30,31 there are 700+ page views… Moral of the story?? Sometimes it’s simply better to stay quiet and not poke the hornets nest,,,lest your ass get stung…oops I said that damn ASS word again. I suppose I’ll need to do yet another follow up post featuring turds or some other shit just to round everything out nicely..

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  1. One would think people as sensitive as Timothy McCormack and Linda Ellis would cease and desist the constant stirring of the pot. Instead, they both continue to bully, distort, and manufacture evidence. They both have had some success in fooling the public short term, but they are fighting a battle that will likely go on for decades. Neither can stand the test of time. Both have gone to great lengths to hide the truth. Ellis has attempted to wipe the internet clean of her dirty deeds, but all the evidence has been captured and stored and is readily accessible to any one who wants it. Ellis will never be able to walk into any courtroom with clean hands. We now have more than a dozen people who will, at their own expense, TESTIFY any where in the world. If McCormack thinks he can shut off our voices with intimidation, name calling, outright lying and bullying, BRING IT ON. I for one, am salivating for the opportunity to get everything I know in front of judge, jury and the media.

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