Marietta Poet Linda Ellis was NOT stalked!

Finally after months of waiting, the decision from the Georgia Supreme Court has arrived!

“Ellis failed to prove that Chan “contacted” her without her consent, and the trial court erred when it concluded that Chan had stalked Ellis.”

I’m not going to delve into dissecting the ruling, it’s  written in pretty plain English, and there has been some good commentary already written, which you can see below. Rather I’m going to once and for all attempt to refute what Marietta Poet and “The Dash” author Linda Ellis has been claiming all along as a bunch of fabricated lies and taking things out of context.

Link to Judgement:

Links to commentary:

Linda Ellis, Sex, Lies and Videotape:

Ok, I got your attention, sorry to say there isn’t any sex with Poet Linda Ellis, which is probably a good thing, but there are lies and there is a Youtube video!’

We’ll start with the lies, I can’t recount how many times, this has been said, but since Poet Linda Ellis continues to spout this bullshit I feel compelled to keep reminding people that she’s full of shit beyond belief, maybe with any luck this will be the last time I have to rehash this, I mean after all I need to get to “living my dash!”

Dash author Linda Ellis States:

  1. Ellis said in an interview with 11Alive News Friday night that Chan “went on the internet and he posted photos of my home…
  2. he posted my financial information…
  3. he posted my family members’ names and the locations where they worked.
  4. [In a drawing] they put me in front of a firing line and said, ‘ready, aim, fire’…


Lets address each of these points, I’ll attempt to keep it simple for those that are simple minded..

  1. And for the umpteenth time, I will state that it was not Matthew Chan whom posted a single photo of the home of Linda Ellis, it was actually I that posted that image! As you will see in the actual screen capture from, my name appears on the post, and as you can clearly see and read, the reason why I posted that image, was because in doing research I came across a “Kindercare” google entry showing that address, and naturally I questioned why a Kindercare would have a business location in a residential neighborhood. As a matter of fact a simple search for kindercare + marietta georgia yields the same results today! ***NOTE: Shortly after this original post, presumably Linda Ellis request that the image in Street View be blurred, consequently, as of this writing the address itself comes up around the corner as well.You can see the forum thread here, putting everything into proper context, which Linda Ellis completely disregarded at the initial hearing.
  2. In regards to Chan posting financial information, again this was twisted by Linda Ellis, as there was NO financial information released, and what was posted (as seen in the below screen shot) was all readily available via the Cobb County Property Appraisers website, so it’s not “private  information” in any sense.. Also please take note that the screen shot is fairly cryptic as well, and the average person would not know what any of it means, but alas we suspected we were being monitored by Ellis, and this pretty much drives home the fact, that she did regularly visit ELI, so again i have to ask, whom was stalking whom here??
  3. As you can also see from the above screen shot, the only names used were hers and her husbands (both a matter of public record), no names of children appear, nor do any locations of their employment.
  4.  Ah yes, now it time to address the “sexually explicit” and “threatening image” of the “firing line” as it is now known..AGAIN..The Supreme Court justices actually snickered a bit, when this was shown to them, “sexually explicit and threatening?” really..Author Linda Ellis and her crack team (2) of attorneys really made themselves look like asses with this.


* The Linda Ellis “Legal Team” ( term used very loosely) also mentioned the “Hearse Song” video and attempted to pin that as being posted by Chan, as a “death threat” which in fact it was not:

And for your listening enjoyment….Harley Poe



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