Marietta Poet & Author of “The Dash” poem begs for donations!

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Well it would appear that selling shitty trinkets, bookmarks and other various “Dash” crap isn’t making the cut or buying the wine…nor is threatening to sue people that share her lousy poem in funeral programs or on personal blogs in memoriam of loved ons. Above is Georgia Poet /Authors latest post, looking for “donations”!

Does she really think that if people aren’t buying her garbage, or caving in to her demands, they would actually donate?

Maybe she should consider these options:

  • Write something new that has some meaning and worth…in reality probably not an option, as her creativity is about as dried up as her old nasty snatch.  ( just my opinion, as I have not, seen or inspected it …ugh just threw up in  my mouth)
  • Get a fucking job!!, as in a real job, like in a liquor store…maybe not a good option either.
  • Govern herself accordingly, maybe instead of demanding 7500.00 for that shitty poem, that is just about worthless, she might consider an amount that is more realistic and not be so heavy handed in her demands, with threats of lawsuits ( which she clearly can’t afford anyway)

Below is the complete text from Linda Ellis’ latest post: ( which has already been taken down per her usual MO )

“Help The Dash Author Protect her Work”
If you have enjoyed The Dash poem…if Linda Ellis’ words have meant something in your life or the lives of your friends and family, please consider making a free-will donation to help the author protect her legal rights to this work. She cannot (alone) prevent the devaluation of her original work on the Internet or sustain the damages created by cyberbullies and cyberstalkers who believe no one should have the legal right to protect their original works in the age of cyberspace.
Your help would be appreciated more than you’ll ever realize…LIVE YOUR DASH!

uch a twat….Poet Linda Ellis ALONE devalued her  “original work” by being an ass clown and subsequently being called out on it…Always remember when you point your finger, there are several other fingers pointing back at you.

And once again we get the reference to cyberbullies and cyber-stalkers…need I remind her that the Georgia Supreme Court completely shot down that argument? It only exists in her mind, as she freely chooses to visit this and other sites that report on her phishing scheme….

who believe no one should have the legal right to protect their original works in the age of cyberspace.

Go home Linda Ellis, you’re drunk, where the fuck this comes from is beyond me and many others, this is simply absurd,  naturally Ellis, Getty, VK Tylor and the other trolls have the legal right t protect their work, it was never stated that they didn’t. What has been clearly stated is we disagree with the methods used to collect outlandish sums….it’s like beating a dead horse for Christ sake.

Some suspect this may be the final nail in the so called coffin of the “The Dash” Extortion Scheme… I disagree, I sense Poet Linda Ellis can’t and won’t let it go, and a whole new batch of demand letters will be sent out in the hopes that some small church or religious groups will cave to her demands…Only time will tell..


  1. No Robert…the moon is not quite full and yet….

    My comments regarding Ellis’ blog:

    “With the expansion of the Internet over the years, many intellectual property owners have watched the devaluation of their products. If you saw a “widget” in a store, a product which the store owner produces, markets and sells, and you took that widget and shared it with hundreds of thousands without permission, without making any payment, that would be considered theft. There would be repercussions for your actions, including payment to the store owner and further penalties for freely giving his product to others. This is because you had taken that which does not belong to you without permission or making required payment. Perhaps, for some reason, you did not know it was the store owner’s property — that still didn’t give you the right to take it without permission and further disseminate it to potentially hundreds of thousands. You may believe you are innocent — that you didn’t know the widget had a creator. However, if something exists…someone, somewhere had to create it…wouldn’t you agree? The fact that you may not have considered the creator of the product you took without permission, does not change the circumstances, or minimize the damage your actions have caused.”

    The PROBLEM with her “example” of what is in her “opinion” to be regarded as “theft” is that Ellis and her asshat “play-pretend-attorney”Jolin play the “ROLE” of “judge & jury”! In Ellis’ demand letters she and Jolin decide for “THEMSELVES” what the so called “damages” actually “ARE” and demand payment accordingly!

    In the same article under the heading:
    Copyright Law:

    In Ellis’ examples, I DO NOT SEE where “Copyright Law” gives the “owner of copyright” the “exclusive rights” to be “JUDGE AND JURY” in the “DECISION” regarding “PROPER AMOUNT of DAMAGES depending upon alleged infringement!”

    This post from April’s public Facebook page was indeed interesting:

    “I recently saw an internet meme from Toby Mac about your life being the dash between two dates. This reminded me of an incident about a decade ago where my friend and I were sued “….

    April pointed out that Mike believed that he was actually “sued” when the fact is/was that he was only “threatened” to be sued! He therefore settled with Ellis for $500 bucks. Pretty amazing “settlement” assuming that the original demand amount from Ellis was her usual $7,500 with a threat attached to sue for $150K!

    I just don’t understand it…and it’s a beautiful day!

  2. There is distasteful, and there is this. She is asking for charitable donations for an extortion scheme that threatened to sue charities? Really? She needs to reword her header to say, “Copyright Extortion Scheme The Dash–Help the Dash Author fund her extortion scheme”.

    If anyone enjoyed the poem, they no longer do because of the scheme, and no one buys the trinkets for fear or being sued or putting friends and family at risk. She should sell grenades with the Dash written on them instead.

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