Linda Ellis Copyright Troll – Author of “The Dash” poem

Linda_Ellis_Copyright Troll
"The Dash" Author Linda Ellis
Linda_Ellis_Copyright Troll
“The Dash” Author Linda Ellis

I’m happy to announce that Linda Ellis get to the honor of the very first post  of this new blog! She is so deserving of the attention…Fear not all of the trolls will get their share as well, but since Linda Ellis ( is on my mind, I figured what better way to start..

Linda Ellis seems to be a little concerned in the “looks” department and it appears that the folks over at ELI ( may have hurt her feelings, as the last video she “produced” I uses that term very loosely as it’s actually a cheesy power point slide show)

I’ve taken it upon myself to give her a more true to life make-over…NO CHARGE..


  1. 14 years ago I used Ms. Ellis poem “The Dash” as an eulogy for a love one who passed away back then & now Ms. Ellis & her right hand “Guy” are threating me & demanding that I give them $7,500 or face a law suit! I’m happy to find that I am not alone & that these people are possibly working on a new poem “The Cash”.

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