Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen

Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen
Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen is proud and honored to welcome prominent litigation and intellectual property attorney Oscar Michelen of Manhattan-based Cuomo LLC on board as our official legal advisor. Having been associated with Oscar for the last 3+ years, this is certainly a welcome addition from a legal standpoint. We share many of the same views in regards to copyright, as well as to how copyright trolls / extortionists attempt to work the system in regards to enforcing copyright.

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  1. Oscar, I am curious of your real opinion. If in fact you have an honest artist is it acceptable to steal from him or her?
    What have we become when we readily accept the thief as the victim?

    Web sites like this could help educate and request the artist community to join in as part of the education process.

    Create an environment where we as piers learn of each others obstacles together. When we as a society elevate the thief and demonize those who have been stolen from we have become the worst of what is possible.

    Forums like this could be used to promote the positive, perhaps even some form of copyright amnesty through honesty and integrity.

    We find answers in the positive not the negative, Joel

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