John W Jolin: “Spreading a Message of Love” or “Excellent Computer Hardware Salesman”

I call BULLSHIT! John W. Jolin is neither!

jolin_scumhatJohn W Jolin is the Intellectual Property Coordinator and Operational Manager at Linda’s Lyrics, LLC.”

John W Jolin is proud to be a part of Linda’s Lyrics and its mission to use Ellis’s work to improve the lives of people everywhere. A former computer hardware salesman, real estate appraiser, and entrepreneur, Jolin is happy to use his experience on an important project. Recently, Ellis decided to offer wholesale prices for her line of “Dash” products to retailers. This will improve the visibility of the company, Ellis’s work, and, most importantly, Ellis’s message. Jolin is happy to be on board with such an important mission.”


As you can plainly see for yourself, nowhere above does it say anything about selling “computer hardware”, the only thing he will be “selling” is the garbage that Marietta Poet Linda Ellis come up with such as cheesy plaques ( complete with typos) “Steal your Cash” jewelry that will most likely turn your skin green or black and a variety of other such junk.steal_cash

Lets take a look at just how John W. Jolin is “Spreading a Message of Love” on behalf of copyright troll and poet author Linda Ellis.

Below are some snippets from various copyright demand letters and emails John W. Jolin has sent out, you be the judge, is he really “spreading the message of love”??

“Based on your unauthorized use and contributing to the perpetual unlawful distribution of registered copyrighted work of the Poem, we ask that you pay $7500.00 to resolve our claims of trademark and copyright infringement.”

“Ms. Ellis has proven that she has, and will, protect the value and integrity of her copyrighted works. In the case of Ellis v. Aronson, filed in the Northern District of georgia, Ms. Ellis recieved a judgement in the amount of $269,000.00”

NOTE: The Aronson case was a case where the defendant not only breached a contract he had with Ellis to use the poem, he went further and published the poem in a book that was mass produced and sold..hardly a case of innocent or deminimus infringment. We also believe Author and Inspirational Speaker Linda Ellis collected ZERO dollars from this judgement.

“Our current rate for unauthorized use and distribution of this registered copyrighted work is $7,500.00 (US)”

“We must also request a reasonable amount of compensation for the infringement.”

NOTE: yes he actually used the word reasonable here…

“If we are not able to reach a mutually agreeable solution, Linda Ellis and Linda’s Lyrics, LLC reserves all rights to pursue this matter in the courts to the maximum extent authorized under the law at any time without further notice to you”

NOTE: Once again threatening a lawsuit “At Any Time”, I guess John W. Jolin is not aware of the statute of limitations..and why would he be, he’s not an attorney, he an “Excellent Computer Hardware Salesman”

“Please contact or have your insurance representative contact, me contact me via email,, or telephone, 678-521-6216 within ten (10) days to resolve this matter.

NOTE: yeah contact your insurance rep, so we can continue to fly under the radar….

“As long as you take the below steps and cease all infringing uses of the Poem and Mark within ten (10) days of the date of this letter, we will assume you did not act with the requisite intent necessary to impose “willful” infringement and will not seek to impose damages for willful infringement.”

NOTE: otherwise they will assume willful intent, but “it matters not” we still want $7500.00, like any judge would actually award that much…

“We could not afford our enforcement efforts if we did not recover a reasonable sum from those who have infringed.”

NOTE: There’s that “reasonable” word again..

You be the judge.. Is John W. Jolin really “spreading a message of love” I think not!



  1. You bring up some good points. I have yet to release they very shaky statements that Mr. Jolin made via email about both me AND Oscar during the whole protective order appeal process. It pissed Oscar off so much, Oscar issued a strong cease-and-desist letter to him that Linda felt compelled to jump in and defend him.

    That has NOT yet been made public and YES, it ORIGINATED from Mr. Jolin.

    • no better time than the present to toss hit fat ass under the bus, I’m sure if I look through enough demand letters and emails I could find some real snarky remarks from John W. Jolin ..Douchebag Extrodinaire

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