John W. Jolin & Discover Media LLC

We’ve been notified that John W. Jolin is no longer associated with Discover Media, LLC the Web Development firm that he was listed as Vice President of Sales. Below is a portion of the email Matthew Chan Recieved from Troy Rushing owner of Discover media, LLC

“Please be advised that Mr. Jolin is not, nor has he ever been employed by Discover Media, LLC.  He was a 1099ed contractor with services limited to sales for website design services, but this arrangement ended more than a year ago.  Further, Discovery Media, LLC is not affiliated in ANY WAY with Linda Ellis’ activities.”

Interesting that a  “1099ed contractor” would carry  the title of “Vice President of Sales”

If the information we reported on is indeed in-accurate, it would probably be in Mr. Rushings best interest to have a discussion with John W. Jolin, as we only call it as we see it..

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