Is Copyright Troll John W. Jolin plagiarizing content??

phil-eitman copyPerhaps one of the strangest things I’ve seen while researching copyright-troll John W. Jolin  is the amount of bogus “stupid” web sites, and social media accounts that have been created . As mentioned in an earlier post, it would appear John W. Jolin is attempting to clean up his online reputation ( without much success I might add) But the one I’m featuring (image to the right) takes the cake, and has me wondering if he actually stole someones content, bio and images…Imagine that, a copyright troll who “claims” to enforce copyright on behalf of copyright troll and poet Linda Ellis gets caught stealing someones else content! Yeah that’s probably a stretch, my guess is jerk-off John W. Jolin hired someone to do his dirty work of cleaning up his online stuff, perhaps it was his friend and one time co-worker Troy Rushing who owns and operates Discover Media, after-all John Jolin was “Vice President of Sales at one point in time…. Yeah another stretch as I highly doubt that firm could also be so stupid… Anyway to get back on track here..this “profile” was found on scribd under a search for John W. Jolin.

I was actually considering reaching out to this Chef, to pass along the heads up that his reputation may be damaged by John W. Jolin, who is using his online proflie in his own attempts to clean up his ruined online reputation, but low and behold another twist!!


Turns out a search for “Phil Eitman” also returns many results with much of the same BS web site, pages and social media accounts.. And I also found this little archived nugget from 1996.

As it turns out Mr.t Eitman doesn’t have such a sterling reputation either, so now we have 2 assholes forever connected in their quest to make themselves look better.. Epic fail on both parts if you ask me. Chances are pretty good  both John W. Jolin & Phil Eitman hired the same cheesy “reputation management” firm, and probably pissed away some good money.. So is the life of a troll..I’d be willing to bet anyone lunch that this post alone has more SEO juice, then any of John W. Jolins’ lame attempts to bury the honest an open dialogs that turn up in search resiults.. So who wants to buy me lunch?

PDF file of scribd profile page
(Because it will probably disappear when that asswipe John W. Jolin reads this post..)







  1. This is too funny. I bet Jolin did hire a bargain basement reputation defender. Still this is so weird. He is not an award winning salesman and she is not a popular or sought after poet.

    Copyright trolls through and through.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. This very much looks like the work of some “SEO expert” who used an old template in a poor attempt to clean up his shitty reputation. People are learning the hard way that SEO is not enough. You have to have legitimate content and you have to know how to tell your story that is what I instruct people who work with me. Everyone wants the quick fix and this is what they get for being too lazy to get good advice.

  3. I’ll do my part to keep the SEO juice flowing.

    “Who wants to buy you lunch?”
    I’m your huckleberry.

    Let me know where to send the donation….

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