Is Attorney / Copyright Troll Leslie Burns a liar???

In a previous post, it was stated that photo attorney Carolyn Wright had dissolved her practice and retired, while CRT has not been able to confirm that, it now looks as if she didn’t retire or dissolve her practice, as seen below  both Nevada and Georgia corporations database still show Carolyn’s LLC as being active.

Nevada Secretary of State & Georgia Corporations Division

So now the question is why would Leslie Burns blatantly put out false info, or perhaps Carolyn is in the process of shutting down?? I guess we won’t know for sure until it come from Carolyn Wright herself.


Carolyn Wright ( hired me right after graduation and I have worked with her, doing primarily copyright law, until she dissolved her firm (she’s retired).


  1. I reported her firms extortion tactics and her threats via email to the State Attorney General just this month. They wanted physical copies of the email she was using to get cash by averting the court system. They also told me to report the site to IC3, which I did. My guess is that her site was shut down.

  2. Please let us know if the Attorney General actually responds. I would be more than happy to file my own complaints, if it would actually do some good. Would you be comfortable sharing some of the language you used in your complaints so that others may work from it?


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