Hawaiian Art Network and Vincent K Tylor

Have you received a demand letter from Hawaiian Art Network on behalf of Vincent K Tylor?

Well they certainly aren’t strangers to the ELI community, and they are well known for sending many letters all for images that were seemingly downloaded from site that provide “Free” Wallpapers, many of these site also include a nifty little download button! ( So convenient, don’t you think?)

The question remains tho, just how did these images come to populate literally 100’s of sites? That may be a question that will have to be answered in front of a judge, under oath. You see what many trolls don’t consider, is that at some point you’re going to bother the wrong person, and that person is going to fight back. we’re all pulling for Aloha Plastic Surgery, as they take on these trolls..

Be sure to visit the ELI forums, as we have literally dozens of posts dedicated to Glen Carner and Vincent K Tylor. In fact we have amassed enough letters from them, we even have an entire collection of documents pertaining to them!.

Glen Carner from Hawaiian Art Network and I like to take your money
Have you downloaded my “FREE” wallpaper?

Glen Carner is CEO / Owner of Hawaiian Art Network and he also just happens to own Copyright Services International, another convenient twist…Look for loads of more goodies in this category and a complete list of the “collection attorney’s” they employ to send out their nasty-grams..

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