Has Copyright Troll John W. Jolin jumped ship?

It has been reported that mysteriously John W. Jolins’ name no longer appears on any of Marietta Poet and Copyright Troll Linda Ellis pages or sites. Which makes me wonder if he jumped ship like one of those disgusting Norwegian Rats. I guess time will tell if he is still employed by the Queen Bitch of Georgia ( my opinion).. Perhaps he has tired of not making any money and continually being called out for the douche nozzle he is ( again my opinion)… In the meantime consider supporting out friend and ally April Brown and her book project..


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  1. I’m with you Robert. Seems as if nobody, I mean nobody (including Jolin Nobody) stays with Ellis. Not one person of note has ever printed supportive words for Ellis or her scheme. If Jolin ever wants to get a real job he eventually has to give up trolling.

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