Getty Images very own Nancy Monson might deserve the Asshat of the Month Award

Below is a response from Getty Images “Copyright Compliance Specialist” Nancy Monson. You’d think a “Specialist” would have at least some experience or knowledge in the position for which she holds the title…then again we’re talking about Getty Images here. These so-called “specialists” are really nothing more than hourly paid company kool-aid drinking trolls, posing as clerks and threatening people with lawsuits if they do not pay.

The following response was in regards to an image that Getty Images claims to control ( as usual they show no proof of this, only that the image appears in their web-site catalog, and we know from past experience that not all of those images belong to Getty.) Anyway, this image appeared on this website via an RSS feed, so it clearly was not “copied” but fed into the site, yet Nancy Monson with all her experience claims “it doesn’t matter”….Pay Us!


You are responsible for paying the settlement fee as the images were displayed on your website.  It does not matter if the images were stored on your server.   If you wish to have your third party reimburse you for the amounts you pay to Getty Images, that is between you and your third party.

Nancy Monson
Copyright Compliance Specialist
Getty Images Headquarters
605 5th Avenue South, Suite 400
Seattle WA 98104 USA
Phone  1 206 925 6125
Fax      1 206 925 5001

I suggest that Nancy Monson might do a little light reading in between slurping the company kool-aid and brush up on a little law, specifically Amazon v. Perfect 10

“On appeal, the Ninth Circuit upheld the district court’s decision that the hyperlinks were not infringing on Perfect 10’s copyright.”

“The court also agreed that including an inline link is not the same as hosting the material yourself. So in the case of framing, while it may “appear” that Google was hosting infringing material, it was only hosting a link to the material which the browser interpreted should appear in a certain way.”

So yes Nancy Monson “Copyright Compliance Specialist”, it DOES matter!!! Therefore consider yourself in the running for the next “Asshat of the Month Award”

Getty Images “Copyright Compliance Specialist” Nancy Monson Bio info courtesy of linkedin: ( I took the liberty to make it a bit more accurate in my opinion)

Nancy Monson’s Summary

A highly motivated paralegal with broad experience in copyright, corporate, real estate and licensing law. Strong interpersonal, professional, managerial and legal skills. Customer oriented. Organized and versatile. Oral and written communication abilities as well as excellent negotiating and problem solving skills. Deep experience with communication styles with all types of people; able to respond to time sensitive matters; and a detail oriented team player.
Exceptional skills regarding judgment and initiative. Strengths include:
• Negotiation
• Problem Resolution
• Corporate Structure and Maintenance
Due Diligence
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• In-bound and Outbound Licensing
• Sales and Transactions
• Mergers and Acquisitions


*Competitive analysis, financing, franchising, mergers and acquisition
* Online Advertising
* Wrote scripts for training videos and instruction sessions for
* Negotiated copyright protection use rights, confidentiality, indemnification and limits of liability.
* Prepared license agreements for software code and products, end user license agreements and development contracts.
* Trusted legal advisor on new products with research and development


  1. That’s right up there with Douglas Beiker who told me to look at the image on the Getty site and that was all the proof of claim I would need. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  2. I also advocate if your copyright compliance specialist does not provide you with the proof requested that you should file complaints with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, the Washington State BBB, your Congressman and Senator and the Federal Trade Commission. In these complaints you should name not only Getty images but your copyright compliance specialist.

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