Getty Images targets IP lawfirm..lawfirm fires back

Geety Images recently sent a letter to a Florida IP lawfirm regarding “copyright infringement”…and as the usual M.O> of Getty Images they did no research, fact checking before hand, they just sent the same cheesy form letter that 1000’s of other potential victims recieve,,, Well it turns out that the image in question was actually embedded in an RSS feed, and NEVER resided on the law firms servers, hence NO infringement.. As Getty claims, it was a simple mistake, which ironically is what plenty of people claim to getty when they get an extortion letter, and Getty Images always responds, mistake or no mistake, send us your money… The tables have turned, not only did the IP firm respond to Getty informing them that infringement never occurred, they went one step further..They filed suit against Getty for it’s deceptive practices…talk about karma working it’s magic!! You can get the entire story here:

But wait, don’t run off so fast as it gets better! Turns out that today there was an update on the court docket! Looks like my friend, compadre and Getty Images arch nemesis Oscar Michelen has been brought into this case..

I’d be willing to bet that if Getty was looking to settle this quickly and quietly they want to do so more-so now.. One can only hope this case does not settle and goes the distance, but as we all know cost is always an issue with these types of things.. We’ll be watching this docket closely to say the least.

As a side note take notice that Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack in not listed anywhere, then again Getty Images probably needs a real lawyer with lawyerly skills to defend this, not just some collection schlep.



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