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Today I have received my package from the Washington State Attorney Generals Office, My thanks and gratitude go out to Susan Greene who spent untold hours putting this together for us!

Th CD contains 5 pdf file containg the complaints. This is a boatload of documents and the files are large, if you choose to download them, you might want to find a good book to read while downloading!

I just want to make a couple of quick points about the files.

  • They are very large, 20MB largebe patient.
  • These are the complete files…meaning there are many, many pages of fluff and repetitive stuff.
  • Each complaint also has a complete paper trail, thus making each complaint more lengthy.

The goal at some point ( as this will take some time) is to have 2 seperate library’s, one containging the complete files as listed below, and another library of the same complaints with the extracurricular data removed.

I also plan on using some of these complaints as featured posts going forward, as from what I have seen, there are bit and pieces that can be used to our advantge.

Also worth noting is that Timothy McCormack is mentioned frequently as is

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