Georgia Poet / Author Linda Ellis gets her day in court!

Help, my business is going down the toilet, as is my reputation!
Help, my business is going down the toilet, as is my reputation!

**NOTE** – As of this posting an official court decision has not been announced, but we are cautiously optimistic of a positive outcome.  Win, lose or draw, it’s been quite the experience and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

After getting some much needed rest and having a chance to reflect a bit on the Georgia Supreme Court Appeal hearing dealing with Marietta Poet author Linda Ellis (of “The Dash” fame) I think I’m prepared to start my series of posts covering the 40 some minutes I sat in that courtroom and mostly watched in awe and then in total disbelief as the opposing side made their oral arguments. I will be touching on almost every aspect of the hearing, going forward in a series of posts but at least want to get my general thoughts down in this initial post to set the stage as it were.

It’s not often one gets to sit in on a Supreme Court hearing, much less when one is named more than several times in the original transcripts and elsewhere.  For those that are not aware, it was I that made some of the posts in question, specifically I posted the home address of Georgia Poet / Author & Public Speaker Linda Ellis and also included an embedded image from Google Street View of said address. All of which is in public record and easily accessible via the web, among other things.

I felt compelled to fly up to Atlanta on 2 hours sleep, to not only support my friend, but also to be present to fight for my rights to free speech. It did not take long for adrenaline to keep me going, along with some strong coffee! We collectively decided that we would attend the earlier hearings, so we could get a feel for the procedure, but also get a feel for the justices that would handle our case. Unfortunately I missed the opening part where the chief justice actually quoted a part of “The Dash” poem (coincidence??). Funny thing is after his quote he apparently stated that he did not agree with The Dash or it’s meaning.. rather he suggested always looking forward in life and to not waste time and energy looking back (or something to that effect, as I was not present for this)

** Be sure to watch Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack’s expression when this is mentioned in the opening statement by Oscar Michelen, it is rather amusing.**

Poet Linda Ellis, “Attorneys” Timothy B. McCormack, Betsy Mcbride, and copyright troll John W. Jolin outside the courthouse after the hearing

I was surprised that the opposing side was not present until almost 1:30. I assumed they didn’t feel the need to be present before hand, not that it would have helped them, but I do believe it was helpful to us. You’ll also notice in the last video segment, that as soon as the timer sounds, Timothy B. McCormack abruptly abandons his last thought/sentence. If they had been present earlier, they would have realized that for the more part the court was lenient in this regard and allowed the lawyers to finish their statement.

A few funny, awkward, amusing, and strange things happened before we entered into the court room for our 2pm hearing, that should be shared, only because I find them rather ironic.

As we were standing in the rotunda outside the courtroom, at one point we were approached by Elizabeth W. (Betsy) McBride and Timothy B. McCormack, Betsy proceeded to ask if were the people for Chan v. Ellis, then asked which of us was Oscar, clearly he was not present, and one really has to wonder, did she not know what Oscar even looked like?? I mean his face has been on ELI for years, did she never bother to Google Oscar to see his Linkedin profile to see for whom she’d be squaring off with?  To top that, Timothy B. McCormack  was there as well and you can bet your bottom dollar he knows what Oscar looks like, hell he visits this site and ELI on a regular basis!

The second odd moment came when I was exiting the courthouse at street level and low and behold I held the door open for McCormack and McBride. I find it hard to believe he did not recognize me, since he sent me 2  cease and desist letters over the use of his head shot, which can be seen here and here.

jolin-ellis_1 copyMarietta “Poet” (I use that term lightly) Linda Ellis appeared with her sidekick and copyright “enforcer” John W. Jolin, maybe 30 minutes before the hearing. She had no other support that I could see except for her attorney and Timothy B. McCormack.  There were no signs of any family members including her husband who has never appeared anywhere to support her (which I also find odd, I wonder if perhaps they are seperated, or if he just distances himself from her activities).  I won’t go to much into how she looked, but let’s just say she looked NOTHING like her Facebook cover image.


Well it’s time to get to the good stuff…the hearing itself! Segment #1 coming soon!



  1. Linda and Jolin project the image that together they a formidable opponent and nobody dare fight them back. I’ve known for 3 years that the only tools they have in their tool box is filing false DMCA Notices and the fear they generate with their extortion letters and emails. She has no legal team and never has. One would think that if she is so afraid of Matthew Chan and if she needs the Lifetime Protection Order to feel safe, then why wouldn’t she hire a respected attorney that specializes in copyright. Betsy McBride’s specialty is Family Law. The very idea that a family law attorney who argues on behalf of protecting mostly women and children from real physical harm would take a case where her client has no evidence whatsoever that Matthew Chan intended to harm her. Her only evidence that she used to convince the court Chan was a danger is that Linda “felt afraid”. The judge shot her down almost immediately. He basically said, “should we take someone’s freedom of speech away because someone “feels afraid”. Does Betsy really believe new law should be created because of what someone is thinking? Thought policing? McBride makes me wonder if she practices law in the family court in the same manner. Doesn’t she know the difference between someone pretending to be afraid and a family who actually IS in physical danger. This is a real head shaker to me. Her credibility took a beating in my opinion.

    I’m also wondering if, besides the people I talk with, she is not collecting as much as she used too. I’ve heard that she has become persona non grata in the Marietta legal community which might be why she showed up with a family law attorney and a Seattle attorney. I also noticed that Betsy McBride seemed unprepared, frustrated and it appeared to me she did not want to be in that courtroom. I don’t know what she paid for that representation. Arghh.

    I was a bit surprised that Jolin showed up. That guy is about as close to practicing law without a license and several of her victims are filing complaints with the Georgia Bar Association and the Georgia State Attorney General as I write. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off his wall and his landing is not going to be pretty.

    Will Linda and John ever stop? I doubt it. I received an email from someone who got a letter yesterday. The money is too good and nobody is holding them accountable…yet.

  2. Linda picked mighty casual attire for visiting the GA supreme court as a named party!

    I suspect McBride is just trying to make the best of a bad decision she made roughly a year ago in taking Linda as a client. Yes, McBride did her best a year ago. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t take Linda’s characterization at face value and believed that there was some sort of real “stalking”. Possibly, she didn’t really consider the issue of free speech about copyright trolling at all. Now she’s in a position where– really– she had to present this at the GA Supreme court level or she’d look like an attorney who just bails on clients. Of course, all this is a bit of ‘mind reading’ on my part. I can’t know for sure what McBride thinks. She did not appear to be entirely convinced of her own case. I interpreted some of what she said as suggesting she took the case mostly because Linda seemed so frightened. This is a rather different statement than saying she fully, totally, completely believed there was a legal case. Of course: once gain, I’m parsing what her words seemed to convey to me. That may not be what McBride thought at all nor the idea she was trying to communicate to the justices.

    I suspect Linda Ellis will continue to hunt down minor violations and send out heavy handed letters to people intimating they might be sued and that penalties could be sky high. Publicizing her activities are the only way to protect those who might pay much more than any judge would ever consider a reasonable penalty under the circumstances in which the poem is quoted in an obscure blog or funeral announcement.

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