Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patels $99.00 Special just got even better!

patel-ad-1patel-ad-2Yes folks, hard to believe that such a good offer of a $99.00 Teeth cleaning can get any better, but it does!!

Mitul R Patel , DDS is now offering a FREE $268.00 gift certificate for new patients, that’s right folks act today!!, but wait there’s more!! (cue the cheesy infomercial music) He also offers a FREE Emergency Exam and X-rays!….

STOP Right There!….Nothing in this world is “FREE”, and if you believe this load of shit, then you probably deserve the butt hurt  Mitul R.Patel DDS is likely to give you when he sucks you into his office for these “free” services”….see for yourself these great offerings!

Now do yourself a favor after reading the hand picked,  “Rave Reviews” * offered up by Mitul R.Patel DDS and his partner Davis Smith, DMD (who most likely doesn’t realize who he’s working with…..yet) take a few moments to do yourself a favor and view real life, real people reviews on public review sites, such as yelp, kudzo, ratemymd, ect…. these reviews speak volumes on how Mitul R Patel operates his business IMHO.

*These reviews come directly from Mitul R. Patels “Patient Relationship Management System, and NOT from the general public, hell we don’t even know if these are actual patients.





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