Georgia Copyright Troll & Poet Linda Ellis Targets small Church

Yes folks contrary to what she has publicly claimed in the past The “Dash” author Linda Ellis and her boy toy John W. Jolin have sent a nasty-gram demand letter to a small church. But wait there is more, apparently the “Steal Your Cash” poem was used in remembering the church leaders husband who recently passed away.. Author /inspriational Speaker Linda Ellis has also claimed that she does not pursue grieving families..she’s is so full of shit and such a money hungry whore, it’s not even funny! ( Let the record show, my use of “whore” is solely my opinion and I highly doubt she’s out standing on a corner offering $5.00 BJ’s on Saturday night, after all pursuing grieving families is probably more lucrative…but I digress )

Below is the response from the church leader, to Jackass John W. Jolin, Linda Ellis & Linda’s Lyrics basically begging and pleading for forgiveness: (all pdf’s available at end of post)


From: xxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2015 4:10 PM
Subject: letter

To whom it concerns:

I was out of town for the last week and just now picked up my mail to find your letter in regards to the use of the poem The “D”.  (I am afraid to even type the name now!) I see that it refers to an email sent as well which I did not receive.

I greatly apologize for including the poem in my notes. I gave credit to Ms Ellis, but I did not know that I could not use it without prior permission beyond that.

I am not educated at all on copyrights. I became a widow very unexpectedly, months after my husband and I started our small church and have kept the church going while grieving. I earn no income.

I have already removed the poem from our website. (which does not get many hits) and it has not been used at any other time.  It was posted on the 2 year anniversary of my husband Jon’s death.

I am sick to my stomach over this as I am one to always try to do things the right way.  I am asking that you will show grace and forgiveness for my mistake. This poem was given to me when my husband died and that is why I shared it. I fell into this position as pastor with no training, and it is a learning on the job process. I love my church family and do not want to hurt or tarnish what God is doing. We are not professional people.  We are all volunteers.

There was no intent to earn profit or take credit at all. Again, I apologize and it was immediately removed. I am asking that you will consider this as enough to satisfy your request.  The poem will not be used again in any format. In fact, I may be afraid to ever refer to it again at all.

I can be contacted at xxx-xxx-xxxx should you wish to speak with me. But I am hoping that Ms Ellis will recognize this for what it was. An innocent mistake by someone who didn’t even know that I was doing anything wrong.

PO Box 16363
Wilmington, NC 28409

Below is the response and how John W. Jolin is “spreading the word of Love as mentioned in a previous post. ( I always get a chuckle out of the “legal disclaimer at the bottom of these..the troll just hate when we share their garbage demands…


Subject: RE: letter
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 14:58:36 -0400

Ms. xxxx,

Thank you for your email and prompt removal of the poem from your website. I do appreciate your position and I am sorry for your loss, however, that does not change the consequences of your actions or excuse the infringement. The Dash is a product, one by which Ms. Ellis makes a living and pays her bills. Please understand our position in that your organization has used this product and distributed it without authorization and without paying applicable licensing fees, thereby causing irreparable and immeasurable damage to her company and her work. It is because of infringements exactly like this that the poem, “The Dash” is wrongfully available. These infringements have required her company to institute a vigorous enforcement policy to protect Ms. Ellis’ copyrights. She now must spend her time, money and resources to address the violations of her copyright that have resulted through no fault of her own. Every unauthorized use or printing of “The Dash” perpetuates the infringing and compounds the expense and resources needed for her company to protect the copyright of her most valuable product. We must stand by this copyright policy to protect the value and integrity of Ms. Ellis’ work.  Just as your organization received it and chose to share it, so will many of those who received it from them.  Thus, the cycle continues.

Due to the circumstances you detail in your email we are willing to reduce our offer of settlement from $5,000.00 to $2,500.00, which is the cost of the annual online posting license if permission was granted. Attached is a release for your review and executions. Please respond promptly to our offer of settlement to resolve this matter.

John W. Jolin
Intellectual Property Coordinator
Linda’s Lyrics, LLC
2146 Roswell Rd. NE
STE 108-124
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone:  678-521-6216

NOTICE: This message and accompanying documents are covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521, and contains information intended for the specified individual(s) only. This electronic mail transmission is for the use of the named individual or entity to which it is directed and may contain information that is privileged or confidential. It is not to be transmitted to or received by anyone other than the named addressee (or a person authorized to deliver it to the named addressee). It is not to be copied or forwarded to any unauthorized persons. If you have received this electronic mail transmission in error, delete it from your system without copying or forwarding it, and notify the sender of the error by replying via email or by calling Linda’s Lyrics at

(678) 521-6216, so that our address record can be corrected.

But wait!! There’s more, just like those infomercials!!! John W. Jolin was also kind enough to supply a release agreement! Gotta love that “confidentialty clause at the end… Sorry LInda Ellis and John Jolin, once ahgain your scheme is being exposed!

Below are the pdf files that are completely FREE for you to download and share!

Demand Recipent Response

John W. Jolin Spreads the message of Love!

Release Agreement, complete with confidentiality clause



  1. John Jolin and Linda Ellis are sorry excuses for human beings. Since when did Ellis start charging an “annual licensing fee of $5000 (reduced to $2500)??? Seriously?? I’m fairly confident that nobody, I mean NOBODY has ever paid those wackos a licensing fee.

  2. Yes it is interesting that the demand went from
    7,500 down to $5,000 as well as the
    HALF PRICE negotiation offer right out of
    the gate! Plaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeez!

    I was talking to someone about this Jolin guy.
    He said that if he were a “target” that he
    would send the following message…

    Target: “Are you an attorney?”
    Jackass Jolin: No.
    Target: “FUCK YOU you LITTLE BITCH.”

    The End.

    Apologies…was that too obnoxious and mean spirited?

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