Follow-up to Ron Raffaelli v. Getty Images Lawsuit

A quick follow up to the case of Artist Ron Raffaelli, who is currently suing Getty Images of copyright infringement.

Ron Raffaelli, who says he is known as “the King of Rock and Roll Photography,” claims Getty Images violated his copyright by selling stolen photos, in Federal Court.

You can read the original thread on

Read the original complaint here:

Read Getty Images Answer to the complaint here: 

As with most lawsuit “answers” there is not much meat, but plenty of denials, which really shows why filing lawsuits is so damn expensive. Every single point of this complaint which has been denied, has to be discussed in court, therefore not only using valuable court time, but also ringing up loads of billable hours for the attorneys on BOTH sides..

Without getting into to much of the answer, I did find this little portion interesting.

From Page 16 – Paragraph 8

8. The FAC is barred, in whole or in part, because any damages allegedly suffered by Plaintiff were either wholly or in part the legal fault of persons, firms,corporations, or entities other than Getty Images, and that legal fault reduces the percentage of responsibility, if any, which is to be borne by Getty Images.

Seems to me Getty Images has sent out plenty of extortion demand letters, where the recipient was given permission, by a supplier or vendor in which there may have been elements of a Getty Image, yet when told this they see it as a non valid defense, and still want the money…So once again whats good the goose is not good for the gander.. Getty Images are hypocrites on just about every level!




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