Follow up post to new copyright troll attorney Jonathan Diaz

As promised, here’s a follow-up post regarding the very unprofessional and downright nasty email, this douche bag sent an “alledged infringer”

“I am not trying to hold you up for money.  I am trying to enforce the United States Copyright laws.  It is that simple, and it is disingenuous to think that you can do whatever you want with zero consequences.  If anything you have held up my client and robbed him.  He makes a living and feeds his family through the licensing of his images and your use only diminishes his ability to do so.  Just because you used the image for educational purposes tells me that you lack a fundamental understanding of what fair use is.  Were you reporting on the contents of the image?  Were you criticizing the image?  No, you were using the image to illustrate something and that puts your use firmly outside the protections of fair use.  It is up to you as a business owner or blogger or whatever you are doing to make sure that you are complying with the laws of this country.  With that said, we affirmatively reject your offer of nothing.  Our original offer will remain available for the time indicated in my letter.” 

This fracking idiot is flat out accusing someone of robbery..One has to wonder what the Bar Association would think of this. Carolyn Wright must truly be pleased with this behavior..


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