Dogwood Inspirations LLC aka Linda’s Lyrics LLC

“The Dash” poem Author Linda Ellis aka Linda’s Lyrics, LLC is now also known as Dogwood Inspirations, LLC registered in the state of Georgia as seen below..very public information so I don’t want to hear shit about posting addresses and what not.

Now we all now it’s only a matter of time before John Jolin on behalf of “Dogwood Inspirations” starts sending out demand letters for those poor unsuspecting folks that think that dumb Dash poem is worth sharing. I’m completely speculating here, but I can’t help but think the owner of Linda’s Lyrics is trying to re-brand herself, given the amount of bad press she has gotten over the last year or so.. So once again I step up to the plate to do my good deed and help Dogwood Inspirations, LLC get some good results in Google.

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  1. She could be trying to separate herself from Linda’s Lyrics, keep cranking out the extortion err I mean demand letters from Linda’s Lyrics and have Dogwood Inspirations be the sweet fluff she shows her public.

    It does not matter how Ms. Ellis tries to cover up what she is doing, it still stinks and people are going to find out about it. Dogwood Inspirations in my opinion is nothing more than the spray after Linda’s Lyrics has taken a dump on so many grieving families with demand letters. Doesn’t matter what she does in the end it’s still smells like flowers and ass.

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