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Being as this site is a support site of Extortion Letter Info to gather, share, educate, and name & shame the copyright trolls, I invite the ELI community to comment, and share. Thus is just another avenue to get some well deserved exposure, not only for ELI but the trolls also deserve this FREE marketing.

Artisitc?? I’m looking for submissions for “header” images, I’d like to have a good selection featuring your favorite trolls, naturally done as parodies…we can have these headers randomly rotate thru-out or maybe do a weekly “featured troll”…please share your thought opinions..

Header images must be 960 pixels x 198 pixels, feel free to submit links in the comments section of this post…

Like to write?? Would you like to do a “piece” on your favorite troll or trolling company? Let me know we’ll make it happen!……Mulligan??


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