Did you get a nasty gram from Lindas’ Lyrics, Linda Ellis or John W.Jolin?

We all know that Lindas’ Lyrics follows in the footsteps of the porno trolls and sends out many letters demanding extortionate amounts for posting her poem “The Dash”. We also know she targets folks who for the most part seem crippled to do anything about it, except to cower in fear, after all she does threaten lawsuits on a daily basis with these letters. Well now there is a viable solution to dealing with Lindas Lyrics and that jerk-off John W. Jolin!

New York IP attorney Oscar Michelen is now offering to assist Lindas Lyrics victims in dealing with her extortion letter, as well as other copyright troll letters.

Because of Oscar’s efficiency and extensive experience in providing legal representation against extortion letters, he can bypass traditional lawyer hourly fees. This is especially significant value here because Oscar typically bills his New York clients $450 per hour!

The pricing for the ever-popular Getty Images Defense Letter Program remains the same at $195.00 U.S. Dollars. Below is the pricing for the various Defense Letter Programs.

  • Getty Images Defense Letter Program: $195.00 USD
  • Corbis Defense Letter Program: $225.00 USD
  • Hawaiian Art Network Defense Letter Program: $225.00 USD
  • Masterfile Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Superstock Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Photo Attorney Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Other Stock Photo Defense Letters:  $250.00-$295.00 USD (Depends on time & complexity)
  • Linda’s Lyrics (The Dash Poem): $250.00 USD

More information here: https://www.extortionletterinfo.com/2012-update-expansion-of-attorney-oscar-michelens-defense-letter-program/

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