Did Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel perpetrate a fraud on the court?

Family & Cosmetic Dental Care Dentist Mitul Patel

a patient from Alpharetta in Atlanta, GA | Apr 05, 2016
It was a really bad experience, I had visited them for my annual cleanup, I had no issues other than cavity, I was told to go for Root canal treatment ,where in I was supposed to pay nearly 900$ from my pocket ,which I believe could have been fixed by just filling my infected tooth as I had no problems with my tooth, no pain, no bleeding…when I denied to go for Root canal treatment, they refused to do my annual cleaning, saying they cannot just coz I refused to go for treatment asked by them

In this continuation post we’ll look at the court order, and point out some major issues, and also why it’s thought this review was singled out among many poor reviews on various sites. I guess time will tell if Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel from Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, lied, forged, or attempted to pull the wool over a Baltimore Maryland judge.

The Complaint Filed in Maryland Circuit Court by Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel and The Consent Motion submitted to Yelp

Major glaring issues with this complaint and consent order, might even be “fraud” , “forgery” or “perjury”…something most judges do not take lightly..

  • Defendants name is misspelled, while not a huge deal, it does play into this as you will see below in my observations.
  • Defendant DOES NOT have a primary residence in Maryland, and as a matter of fact hasn’t even been to Maryland in some 20 years.
  • The “actions” ( writing of the review) did not take place in Maryland.
  • Therefore Venue would NOT be proper.
  • Address of Plaintiff is incorrect and is not even a valid address at all.
  • “Although the parties have settled this matter” is a flat out untruth, Matthew Chan (defendant) was never even aware of any of this, so it’s impossible it was “settled”
  • “Signature of defendant” is NOT authentic, and is in fact a forgery, unless there is a “Mathew Chan” in Baltimore
  • Address of defendant is not Matthew Chan’s address, in fact it’s not even a residential address, it’s an office building, hence he was never served or made aware of this, seems to me the “not so good” dentist didn’t want Matthew aware and now we have this big assed can of butt hurt..

Continue Reading “Mitul R. Patel, Georgia Dentist attempts to scrub yelp review” to get more inside information that Family & Cosmetic Dental Care located in Suwanee Georgia does not want exposed.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, he might not have actually filed the lawsuit in Baltimore. However, there is no question in my mind he was part of the conspiracy. I think he seemed all too eager to use fraudulent court orders. He is probably going to need a criminal defense lawyer at some point.

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